Peterson Fuel Delivery

Peterson Fuel Delivery Announces It Has Concluded an Agreement With Palmdale Oil Company

Peterson Fuel Delivery announces the signing of an agreement with Palmdale Oil of Fort Pierce, Florida today. The Palmdale Oil agreement allows Peterson Fuel Delivery to expand its product offerings to the yacht and marine industry with diesel fuel, bio-diesel and lubricants. The agreement also allows Peterson Fuel Delivery to offer fuel deliveries by truck for large orders to marinas, shipyards and private docks and allows Palmdale Oil to offer marine barge fuel services.

Peterson Fuel Delivery Expands With New Yacht Team

Peterson Fuel Delivery announces its continued growth with the addition of Rahn + Associates to add depth as a new Yacht and Marina Group for Peterson. Peterson Fuel serves the large yacht, Marina and Mega-Yacht industry.

Peterson Fuel Delivery Announces New Management: Richard "Ricky" Gonzales Promoted to General Manager

Richard “Ricky” Gonzales was promoted to General Manager and is responsible for handling customer accounts. The company welcomes Ricky back to Peterson after serving up in the BP Gulf cleanup efforts. Thomas Andersen, owner of Peterson Fuel Delivery commented, “Peterson is proud of Ricky’s role as an ambassador to a vital industry in Florida.”