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Monitoring Pet's Diet During the Holidays

LogoThe holiday season provides an opportunity to spend time with family, friends and loved ones, all while consuming copious amounts of deliciously filling food. For dog owners, it can be a challenge to keep ever-hungry pets content amidst a sea of affable relatives and masses of food. The scents can drive a dog crazy with excitement, and resisting the urge to share with a puppy-eyed pal is enough to drive a loving owner crazy, too.

Seasonal Allergies: Not Just for Humans

LogoEvery year millions of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies caused by excessive pollen, flowering plants, or even high mold counts and sudden weather changes. When people think of seasonal allergies, they might think of (and dread) the spring, summer and fall months when their sinuses become irritated, eyes watery and nose stuffy and sneezy. What many people don't realize; however, is cats and dogs are affected by seasonal allergies as well.

Petfirst Releases Average Veterinary Costs for Common Pet Accidents and Illnesses

LogoThe American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates U.S. pet owners will spend $15.73 billion in veterinary care for Fido and Fluffy in 2015. Pet owners want the best for their beloved animals, including their health. However, most pet parents are surprised how much a simple upset stomach can cost at the veterinarian's office.

Keep Your Pets Cool in the Heat

LogoThe summer heat can be scorching and presents a danger to dogs and cats. Hyperthermia claims the lives of many dogs and cats each year, and can also have lasting damage for those who survive.

What to Budget for when Adopting a Cat

LogoAnimal shelters often have an influx of kittens in late Spring and early Summer and many advertise for new pet parents during this time. If you are considering adopting a cat, you should be financially prepared. Typically, cat owners can expect annual costs to be between $500 and $1,000, more in the first year and more if health issues arise.