Study of 600,000 Unemployed in Pennsylvania Shows Surprising Facts, Philadelphiacrossing Finds over 25,000 Jobs.

LogoThere are 15,000 scientists, computer professionals and engineers, 22,000 education professionals and 39,000 managers and supervisors on the jobless list.

Job Market Trying to Recover in Philadelphia; PhiladelphiaCrossing Adds Nearly 10,000 Jobs

LogoThe recent slowdown in the job market had affected Philadelphia to a considerable extent, but now the picture of the job market is getting slightly better. According to the city council report, the projected workforce by June 2010 is set to be 23,244. The workforce is the largest since 2004, and is up by 133 workers since the advent of the recession. Meanwhile, PhiladelphiaCrossing (, a job-research service catering exclusively to job seekers in Philadelphia, has massively enhanced its efforts to locate every job opening.