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The "South" Philly Pretzel Factory Celebrates Philadelphia Dads with a Special on Their Party Trays

LogoDads are their children's heroes – sons want to be like them and daughters adore them, hoping that one day they are lucky enough to meet a man as wonderful as their father. Every day, they help with homework, change diapers, chauffeur to sports games and practices, cook dinner, and even create elaborately good, or bad, hairdos for their kids. Their love, support and guidance is an integral part of their family's lives, and many can't imagine even a day without it. Father's Day was established to celebrate these family anchors, and to give their children the chance to express their appreciation for a year's worth of advice and devotion. With that in mind, the "South" Philly Pretzel Factory wants to make sure they also show their appreciation for these amazing men by providing $5 off any party tray.

The "South" Philly Pretzel Factory Is Here to Serve the Needs of Every Summer Get-Together

LogoAs Philadelphia's weather continues to warm, residents everywhere are starting to dream about vacations by the sea, barbeques by the pool, picnics in the park and many other hot sun, warm night activities. The list of possibilities are endless: tailgating parties for baseball games and concerts, celebration parties for high school and college graduates, family reunions at the docks and get-togethers just to rejoice in the ability to spend more time outdoors. Special events require special treats, and that's where the "South" Philly Pretzel Factory comes in – whatever the need, the company can make fresh, "hand twisted" Philly pretzels to fill it.

The "South" Philly Pretzel Factory Can Make Custom Pretzel Shapes

LogoEverybody loves a party, especially as the weather gets warmer and the sun gets brighter. But with the inundation of invites, what can a party planner do to stand out these days? Here to provide stress relief to organizers everywhere, the "South" Philly Pretzel Factory is announcing that they can make custom pretzel shapes for anybody who asks. Whether needed for a birthday party, graduation party, family reunion, summer barbecue or late night bonfire, party planners need only to call the best pretzel makers in Philly to bring one of the most sought after Philly treats to their guests, with a personal flare.

The "South" Philly Pretzel Factory Offering Fans the Chance to Receive 5 Free Pretzels for a YELP Review

LogoLooking to get some of the most scrumptious Philly soft pretzels? Well, look no further than the "South" Philly Pretzel Factory this spring. What's more, the company has recently announced via their Facebook page that they are offering their Philadelphia fans the chance to receive 5 free pretzels by leaving this Philly Pretzel Factory location a YELP review.

The "South" Philly Pretzel Factory Announces Last Month of Winter Specials

LogoAs Philadelphia has experienced a brutally cold February, residents and passersby are visiting the Philly Pretzel Factory for a fresh soft pretzel to warm up with delicious flavor. With the winter coming to an end, the "South" Philly Pretzel Factory is announcing the last month to take advantage of their winter specials. Customers have the ability to view and print up to six coupons for six different trips through the month of March. Each coupon is available to print at the Philly Pretzel Factory website, and they are not valid to use with other offers.

The "South" Philly Pretzel Factory on Passyunk Avenue Providing Party Trays for Super Bowl Parties

LogoWith the winter in full effect, there's no better idea than to bring a tray of warm and delicious Philly pretzels to the next party. As a gesture that all guests will enjoy, The "South" Philly Pretzel Factory is pleased to announce they are now providing party trays for Super Bowl parties. Each tray comes with three dips and enough pretzels to last the entire game.

South Philly Pretzel Factory Offering Party Trays for Holidays

LogoWhen planning to throw or attend a party this holiday season, be sure to spice up the event by bringing a tray of soft and delicious pretzels. As the holiday season is approaching, provide a platter that everyone will enjoy as the South Philly Pretzel Factory is offering party trays throughout the holidays. Each tray comes with up to three eight-ounce dips, and customers can choose whether the popular minis, rivets, rods, or pretzel dogs will be a hit at their party.