Photon VPS Now Offers Free 2 Gbps DDOS Mitigation on All Cloud Packages

DDOS attacks are a strategy used by hackers to bring down websites, interrupt services and generally cause havoc for businesses that rely on online sales or service platforms. DDOS attacks have been on the rise recently which has lead Photon VPS to announce that free 2 Gbps DDOS mitigation will form part of their core security features on all cloud hosting packages. This is a market leading move once again by Photon VPS.

PhotonVPS Launches Secure Cloud Website Hosting on the Market

Security has always been one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century, and the online revolution has made it easier than ever for individuals to undermine that security, bypassing safeguards put in place to protect sensitive data remotely. As a result, many businesses and individuals are looking for online hosting that offers security at an affordable price. The only way for businesses to be safe is to move away from shared servers and get dedicated server, but this is all too often expensive. PhotonVPS is changing that, with affordable website hosting solutions with main focus on security and performance.

PhotonVPS Makes Cloud Hosting Affordable for Everyone with New Unbeatable Deals

Virtual Private Servers offer a plethora of uses from website hosting, virtual private networks, script development, VoIP, software development and increasingly as a gaming server. These virtual servers often offer greater processing power, increased storage and the ability to access the data from anywhere in the world from any device. However in the past these services have previously been expensive or unreliable.