Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse

Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse Remains Open for Pick-Up, Take-Out, and Delivery

In accordance with the Pennsylvania State Government's ordinance of non-essential businesses ceasing operations in response to the outbreak of COVID-19, Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse has temporarily shut down its dine-in services until further notice. This establishment understands the severity of the pandemic and is compliant in taking action to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as encouraging all patrons and the surrounding community to stay safe in the interest of public health.

Picanha Explains the International Roots and Characteristics of Brazilian Cuisine

Like the United States, Brazil is a large country in terms of both population and geography, with many distinct geographical and ethnographic regions. Its cuisine reflects its melting-pot heritage, so there is not one single style or definition of Brazilian cuisine. There are, however, several defining characteristics of how cuisine interacts with the other aspects of Brazil's diverse culture.