Planetary Design

Planetary Design Solves Universal Food Storage and Launches on Kickstarter

LogoPlanetary Design's patent-pending AirScape Bucket Lid is set to revolutionize the bulk food storage industry. Air is the enemy! When exposed to oxygen, food items and stuff in general starts to break down by a process known as oxidation -- leaving your brown sugar hard, your coffee bitter and your flour stale. Traditional "airtight" food storage canisters do nothing more than seal the oxygen inside with your contents, allowing continual oxidation. That is a fairly significant problem, and the AirScape lid is the solution. With an inner lid, gasket, and handle-valve mechanism, it removes the air from the canister down to the level of your contents, locking air OUT and Freshness IN. The AirScape Bucket Lid officially launched on Kickstarter earlier in October and just over a week and a half remain in the campaign.