PosiRank Unveils Several New and Enhanced White Label SEO Services

PosiRank, a top provider of white-label search engine optimization (SEO) services, announced the launch of a number of new products and service enhancements. PosiRank specializes in providing SEO which web design agencies and others can sell on in a "white label" arrangement to their own customers, allowing these clients to provide a wider range of higher-quality services than they might otherwise be able to. The new products and service enhancements which PosiRank has just released are designed to make the company an even more effective and cost-efficient provider of SEO products than previously and arrive after an extensive, company-wide initiative focused on identifying opportunities for such improvements.

PosiRank Ensures Clients Receive the Maximum ROI for Their Marketing Automation Costs

According to Focus Research, marketing automation remains the fastest growing CRM-related segment and has held this position for the previous five years. Yet, according to a 2011 Focus survey, 50 percent of respondents stated they have yet to realize the full value of the money they have invested in marketing automation. "PosiRank works to ensure that every client obtains the maximum return on investment when using our marketing automation platform and offers whitelabel SEO reporting to allow clients to monitor every action taken on their behalf," Alex Miller, company spokesperson, declares.

PosiRank Partners with Advertising Agencies for SEO Platforms

As the corporate advertising field has seen a decline in spending over the last five years combined with a shift in the way today's public uses the various forms of media, advertising agencies have scrambled to keep pace with the changing market. However, revenues are expected to increase as the agencies adapt to the constantly changing technological advances. With this in mind, Alex Miller, partner in PosiRank, a wholesale SEO platform, announced they are now accepting partnerships with agencies looking to accelerate their growth.

PosiRank.com Launches Auto-Pilot Automation Platform for SEO Resllers

SEO re sellers make their bottom line by playing the role of the middle-man. By managing the sale and marketing of search engine optimization services and outsourcing the work, they are able to round up work from PR firms, ad agencies and web design firms. However, according to SEO veteran Alex Miller, a partner with PosiRank.com (www.PosiRank.com), the problem re-sellers encounter is the ability to deal with so many different suppliers and clients.

Posirank.com Automates SEO Processes to Increase Overall Productivity

According to Google, users conducted 5,134,000,000 average searches on a daily basis in 2012. Within the search results, 70 percent of the links clicked come from organic results and 75 percent of users never move past the first page of the results to find the answers they are searching for. "Companies need to take this into account when creating their search engine optimization strategy to ensure they obtain the maximum return on investment possible. Posirank.com helps clients consolidate and automate their search engine optimization efforts to handle more accounts without sacrificing quality," Alex Miller of Posirank.com declares.