Power of Positivity

How the Power of Positivity Is Working All over the World

LogoWhile it is common to hear that a positive attitude will lead to a better life, many still ask to see the evidence. Kristen and Chris Butler, the founders of the Power of Positivity, experienced firsthand the impact of a positive outlook and lifestyle can have on their lives. Five years ago, they were both over 300 pounds, jobless, and bankrupt. They never let any of that get them down and stayed positive throughout their trying times. With that mindset, they completely turned their lives around, losing over a combined 300 pounds and finding a purposeful mission. Since then, the Power of Positivity has witnessed the impact it has on its rapidly growing website and community.

Power of Positivity Witnesses Rapid Growth in Following

LogoWhen things get stressful, the negatives in life seem to become intensified and people tend to get down on themselves. In the fight against negativity, many have discovered the Power of Positivity and its website and social media pages. With humble beginnings, the media outlet has witnessed a rapid growth in its number of followers. Founded by Kristen and Chris Butler, their goal is to spread positive energy around the world and to celebrate the positive thinking lifestyle.