GAMSAT “Instant Download” Test Papers Now Available on Prepgenie

As the GAMSAT 2010 ticker moves dangerously close to March 20th, GAMSAT preparations reach a feverish pitch. The GAMSAT e-learning portal, Prepgenie is now giving students a never before “Instant Download” offer, where students can order and get access to their GAMSAT practice test papers within 12 hours flat. This offer is available in three modes, the students can buy 5 full length test papers at a discount price of $100 (AUD), a set of 40 sectional test papers in GAMSAT Humanities, Physics, Chemistry and Biology (10 test papers for each subject) will cost $250 (AUD) and the complete package of both the 5 full length test papers and the 40 sectional tests will come at a discounted price of $270 (AUD). No additional taxes or charges. All test papers will be sent via email in the PDF format.