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Find Meaningful Ways to Create Moments of Romance and Pleasure to Better Value Daily Life

LogoLearn how to appreciate and savor the ephemeral present moment and to trust life in this inspiring book Dance of the Love Caterpillars, in our world today where people feel alone and lonely, bored out or burnt out, and seeking to aliven and lighten their lives from relentlessly seeming despair.

Outpouring Art with Intentional Devotions

LogoOver the years, before Ann starts to paint, she worships and prays the Lord to download in her heart His messages, trusting Him for the outpouring. She uses a heart and hands-on approach to her work, praying over each one and believing that each piece that is created is divinely inspired for a specific someone, and begins each blank canvas with a prayer or Scripture written on the canvas.

In a Post #Metoo Era, Should We Eliminate Sex from Business and the Workplace

LogoGender and sexual relations have been boiling up in business and the workplace for some time. After the #metoo movement, the situation is even more tense, muddy, and confusing. For centuries, we have tried to keep sex relegated to the conjugal bed and the taboo underground. When in reality, it's everywhere and in everyone.

Unlock a Childlike Curiosity and Ply Unique Colors Into Daily Life Challenges

LogoJourney inward and discover the innate ability to creatively overcome difficult challenges to create a joy-filled life. Transpersonal art therapist, Corry MacDonald, shares her therapeutic creative processes that appeal to everyone - drawing, mind-mapping, painting, journaling, envisioning, and imagining.

Global Warming, Irrational Fear and the Future of Humankind

LogoWhat if someone told you that burning fossil fuels does not significantly affect the percentage of oxygen in the air and will not harm animals or humans. Or that the present rate of temperature rise is no different than has occurred in the last 10,000 years when man was not an influence. Or even that the total number of tornadoes is the same now as in 1954.

Navigating Children from Single-Parenting to Blended Families

LogoChanging the family structure from single-parenting to a blended family is in no way an easy task. Single mothers find dating and introducing children to "someone new" incredibly challenging as new emotions, questions, and insecurities invade the family nucleus and affect both the mother and her children.

No More Excuses Not to Live Travel Dreams

LogoWouldn't it be amazing to just get on the next flight out there and travel the world? Well, the good news is that it is possible to do that if you're brave enough to let go of all the excuses that hold us back. Philipp Gloeckl, an avid traveler, global networker, and successful international real estate investor, has traveled to over 80 countries by the age of 30. After visiting all of the remaining Ancient and New Wonders of the World on his own terms, he now inspires countless others to head out and explore the world (or at least to plan on it during the covid outbreak), embracing the true meaning of travel for a richer, more meaningful life.

Disruptive Moments of Change Generate Opportunities for Transformation, and in the Book Industry, It Hasn't Been Different.

LogoAuthors write books to get a positive message out there, to help people, and to spread their knowledge far and wide - and now is not the time to stop doing that, but to start doing it in a more creative way.