Preston Hudman

The One and Only Google Rapper to Release "Stole a Font Nonchalant" Album This Month

Preston Hudman’s New Song Gains 300K Followers with the Number Still Growing on Spotify Provides Secret Guides and Services for YouTubers and Instagram Users Such as Verified User Engagement Aka Blue Check Comments

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Cyber Rap the New Type of Rap Music on Spotify and Instagram by Preston Hudman

Meet Preston Hudman, Entrepreneurial Growth Hacker and Self proclaimed lyrical genius, musical genius, and Golden God who enjoys making people laugh as much as he enjoys building startups in the realm of eCommerce. But now that he has entered the music scene he has put his marketing skills to use as his music can be seen/heard on Spotify with over 50k song plays and an average of 5k monthly listeners and rising.. He has amassed a following on Instagram of nearly 300,000 people and so far has a total of 5.3k on Spotify. His growth is not unnaturally fast and he does not seem as confident as most rappers at his level who flaunt themselves in there videos where as Preston does not even make music videos and his music is short, really short.. in fact every track is no more or less than 1 minute. He says this is because of how easy it is for him to cross publish his content on both IG and Spotify quickly.

"Preston Hudman" Instagram Comedian Using Face Filters Gets 300k Followers

Meet Preston Hudman, an internet marketer and serial Entrepreneur who enjoys making people laugh as much as he enjoys building startups in the realm of eCommerce. His approach to Instagram though has been unorthodox to say the least... He has amassed a following of nearly 300,000 people and offers a selection of posts that is nearly all video content. What kind of videos you ask? Well it's really just him using face filters in his room or perhaps while walking his dog but it's how darn funny he is that draws in a crowd.

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