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Hip Resurfacing vs Hip Replacement Abroad: Patient Options for Orthopaedic Surgery Abroad

Total hip replacement is a proven and effective technique that results in excellent pain relief and function in most patients for many years. Hip resurfacing, on the other hand, has been advertised in a way that made patients believe it might be simpler or better in some way. Many younger patients tend to believe that hip resurfacing is the best option for them because of their young age – making it seem that if they have the resurfacing surgery first, they could have the replacement surgery done later. However, the procedure to do a hip resurfacing actually is more complex and the dissection much more extensive than with total hip replacement surgery.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery Abroad: Shoulder Orthopaedic Surgery Options

Just like with other orthopaedic surgeries, patients are actively seeking for options to have the surgery performed at a lower cost which often leads patients to choose shoulder surgery abroad.

Getting Medical Treatment Plan After Knee Trauma: How to Avoid Waiting 18+ Weeks for Diagnosis and Months for Treatment

In the UK, it is quite common for a person after trauma to wait weeks in order to see a doctor and get a diagnosis and medical treatment plan. It is not uncommon to wait 10+ weeks to have the necessary appointments and tests done, and even after that, many patients would not know what to do next.

How Working People in the UK Save Time and Money on Full Health Checkups

However, many UK residents - men and women from all over UK, are catching a new trend – taking a couple days off work to go abroad to a close country and do their full health checkup abroad fast and at low cost.