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Pro Powder and Abrasive Supply Discusses the Top Advantages of Powder Coating Paint

LogoPowder coating paint is an innovative way of colouring thousands of products that are of use every day. It can protect vast varieties of products from household items to the toughest industrial machineries. It has been very popular since its introduction in North America some 40 years ago. Comparing to conventional paint, powder coating does not require a use of solvent to keep the binder in liquid suspension form.

Electrostatic Powder Coating Outperforming the Traditional Liquid Paint

LogoHuman beings are given the gift of sight to see and appreciate nature’s colors. Man has been painting and coloring things using different mixtures of rock and plant dyes.

Powder Coating: Making Its Way Into the Paint Industry

LogoThrough a powder coating equipment, paints in powder form are sprayed to a metal surface which is heated in an oven afterwards for the hue to stay intact. The use of these paints lessens the use of mineral spirits and hydrocarbon thinners used in conventional paints. The aromatic hydrocarbon thinners are toxic in nature and can cause both short term and long term hazard to the environment and a lot of health risks as well.

What We Need to Know About the Best Oven to Cure Powder Coating

LogoWhen choosing an oven in curing powder coating, it is important to consider several factors such as the size of the product, width or thickness, composition, the amount of output that can be generated, the costs that will be incurred, and the type of powder that will be used in curing. Temperatures and time are two most critical factors to consider when it comes to curing powders.

Powder Coating Is In! out with the Traditional Liquid Paint

LogoThere are now different ways of painting or coating a surface which range from the traditional acrylic brush paint to modernized sophisticated electrostatic powder coatings.