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PRN.FM Supports the Constructive Use of Internet Radio as a Tool for Cyber Activism

LogoOn November 28, 2013, Apple was pressured by the Chinese government to block the FreeWeibo app, the unrestricted adaptation of China’s most famous social network which is the Sina Weibo. This product of cyber-activitists’ ingenuity paired with Radio Netherlands Worldwide efforts that disabled the government to stifle was eventually removed. Apple complied due to the fact that FreeWeibo app has content that is against the law of China, which is not in agreement with the App Store Review Guidelines.

The Progressive Radio Network (PRN) Opens Doors for Everyone to Listen to Internet Radio Station

LogoInternet Radio is audio transmitted through the internet. Broadcasting using the internet is termed as webcasting since it is not being transmitted broadly through wireless means. Internet Radio involves streaming media which presents continuous stream of audio to listeners without the ability of being paused or replayed. Most internet Radio Stations these days, offer news, sports, talk and different music genres to listen to. There are also some Internet Radio Stations which are associated with “traditional” radio stations or radio networks.