PTL Appoints Governance Advisory Arrangement (GAA) to Help Firms Meet Their Pension Scheme Obligations Quickly and Easily

LogoA leading pension trustee service provider in the UK, PTL appoints governance advisory arrangement (GAA) to help firms meet their pension scheme obligations quickly and easily. As a part of the arrangement, PTL appoints an independent committee to assess the value for money that members of a workplace personal pension (WPP) scheme will receive. The company's board of GAA meet each quarter to consider the value for money of WPP portfolios. The board may also make recommendations on how to improve value for money and produce an annual report on scheme members.

PTL Offers Sole Corporate Trustee Services Delivering Effective Decision Making in Pension Scheme Governance

LogoA leading pension trustee service provider in the UK, PTL offers sole corporate trustee services delivering effective decision making in pension scheme governance. Replacing the traditional trustee board, the sole trustee they appoint takes responsibility for pension scheme governance and operation and becoming a trusted point of contact for all aspects of the scheme. The company has extensive experience in sole trusteeship and has been involved in many smooth transitions from traditional trustee boards to the sole trustee model. Their sole trustee ensures that the pension scheme is being properly governed, allowing business owners to focus on running their business without conflicts of interest and strategic issues. Appointing PTL as your sole trustee can have a multitude of benefits including:

PTL Offers PTL Group Life Master Trust to Help Employers Manage Death-in-Service Claims

LogoA leading provider of independent trustee services, PTL offers PTL group life master trust to help clients manage death-in-service claims. The trust plan is designed for employers who want an efficient alternative to setting up their own life-only trust for administering death-in-service benefits. Their plan ensure that the life assurance employers provided to your employees is paid quickly and efficiently. The experts at PTL carry out a thorough yet sensitive investigation to determine beneficiaries for death-in-service benefits.

PTL Offers Trustee Secretarial Services Ensuring Pension Scheme Is Compliant with Legislation and Best Practices

LogoA leading professional trustee and governance services provider, PTL offers trustee secretarial services to ensure your pension scheme governance complies with the legislation and best practices. Through their services, PTL ensures that clients' scheme governance meets defined industry standards and practices. Appointing PTL as a secretary to the trustees can have a plethora of benefits, including efficiently organised and communicated meetings, agendas are produced in good time and action points diligently followed up, accurate minutes are produced, and decisions recorded.

PTL Offers Professional Independent Trustee Services for Easy Governance of Pension Schemes

LogoA reputable name in the industry, PTL offers professional independent trustee services for easy governance of pension schemes. With an in-depth experience at governing pension schemes, they dedicate significant time and resources into developing the knowledge that is required to deliver the best outcomes for their clients. Depending on employers' specific governance requirements, the firm acts as chair of trustees or as a sole corporate trustee. They have many years of working in a collaborative and robust relationship, sponsoring employers from a wide range of industries in the UK and overseas.

PTL UK Offers Contract-Based Pensions Governance Services to Ensure Benefits for Members and Employers

LogoPension schemes are important for both employees and employers of any business. Governance is an essential aspect of this process so as to ensure that the schemes are run in the members' benefit. You can outsource the governance process to an external pension scheme governance firm. You can choose PTL UK as your governance firm to ensure benefits for both members and employers.

PTL UK Offers Professional Independent Trustee Services to Pension Schemes of All Types and Sizes Throughout the UK

LogoA leading provider of independent governance services, PTL UK offers professional independent trustee services to pension schemes of all types and sizes throughout the UK. The professional team at PTL UK are highly experienced in defining benefit funding, investment strategy, risk management and adviser management. With a collaborative approach in providing their services, they work as an extension of clients' employers and advisors to achieve shared goals and deliver the greatest benefit to pension scheme members. The services ensure that the members' benefits are secured as soon as possible, and that the expenses are less for the sponsor.

PTL UK Offers Contract Based DC Pensions Governance Services to Regulate and Manage All Types of Contract Based DC Pension Schemes

LogoA leading provider of independent governance services, PTL UK offers contract based DC pensions governance services to regulate and manage all types of contract based DC pensions schemes. They employ a huge network of professionals who are experienced in dealing with the pensions regulator and ensuring regulatory compliance. The service can be utilised by employers to ensure governance, manage costs and protect employees' rights. PTL UK provides robust and proactive default options, and an environment where members of the scheme can make informed choices. Through the services, firms can gain various benefits including sharing of best practice to ensure pensions governance, freeing-up management time, assistance with budgetary control, increased employee engagement and motivation and many more. Individuals looking to get these services can contact the team at PTL UK for more information.

PTL UK Offers Governance Committee Training Services to Help Committee Members Fully Understand Their Roles

LogoA leading provider of independent governance services, PTL UK offers governance committee training service to help committee members fully understand their roles. This ensures that committee members possess the skills and knowledge to carry out their responsibilities effectively. With years of industry experience, they have knowledge, experience, and technical expertise that is required for providing the training. To provide an all-around knowledge transfer, the training covers a various topics including Background on the need for a Governance Committee, Structure of a Governance Committee, Roles and responsibilities of members of the Governance Committee and many more.

PTL UK Offers Governance Audit Service to Ensure Seamless Running of Pension Schemes

LogoA leading name in the industry, PTL UK offers Governance Audit Service to help clients ensure smooth running of pension schemes, without any errors. Their services uncover occasional errors, helping to producing an action plan and recommend a course of action that is simple, pragmatic and easy to implement. To prevent any issues and errors from reoccurring with the different pension solutions, they also propose controls for different pension schemes. Used by thousands of employers and trustees, the service not only involves testing the current pension scheme against various quantitative and qualitative tests, but also ensures that the pension scheme is in full compliance with the latest laws and regulations.