PUMEX Technologies

PUMEX Technologies Develops iPhone and SharePoint Applications

LogoPUMEX Technologies is now one of the leading iPhone application development companies in Philadelphia, PA by frequently maximizing the application capabilities that are essential to bringing forth innovation to the exponentially growing mobile sphere.

PUMEX Technologies Shares Statistics on App Development

LogoThe last few years have seen exponential increases in the importance of the mobile platform in digital media. In 2014, for the first time, consumers in the United States spent more of their digital media time on mobiles than any other device. Similarly, 2015 was the year when the amount of mobile-only users surpassed the amount of desktop-only users in the United States. Added to this is the strong preference mobile-only users have for shopping through their phone, and the fact that even dual users of mobiles and desktops report using their mobiles to shop while physically in the store. So, in 2016, it's clear that establishing an effective mobile presence is a necessity for small, medium-sized and large companies alike.

PUMEX Technologies Offers IT Staffing Services

LogoIT staffing is challenging. In the ever-developing world of information technology, it's hard for job hunters to keep up with the relevant skills needed to land a dream job, and equally hard for employers to find the right candidate who can fulfill often very specific requirements. With seventy-three per cent of companies employing fewer than a thousand people, and eighty-eight per cent of larger companies, saying that they feel they struggle trying to find IT talent for areas that are important to their business, it's clear that a problem exists. That's why PUMEX Technologies, a leading provider of technology services from custom software programming to multimedia design, is proud to announce that they also offer high-quality IT staffing services.

PUMEX Technologies Shares Key Findings from Consumerization of IT Study

LogoThe recently published IDG Enterprise Study on Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise includes several interesting findings that reflect the trends in corporate IT for 2016. For example, already in 2014 59% of companies that employ more than a thousand people and 50% of companies that employ less than a thousand people created policies for accessing and sharing corporate data on mobile devices and/or through cloud based services. Also, the study's findings suggest a significant amount of companies are interested and willing to invest in products like enterprise mobile app stores or platforms, as well as mobile device management solutions. Put together, these results support PUMEX Technologies' vision that the right IT solution can increase and improve the communication, efficiency and productivity of different company departments and functions.

Web Development from Pumex

LogoPumex is a leading web application development company. Their services are geared toward businesses of all sizes, and they range from app development to software development.

PUMEX Technologies Announces 10% of Its Q4 Profit Goes Towards a Revolutionary Breast Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trial Happening at University of Pennsylvania

LogoPUMEX Technologies, (pumextech.com) an innovative software development company, is eager to announce that they are giving 10% of its quarter 4 2015 profits towards a breakthrough breast cancer vaccine clinical trial at the University of Pennsylvania. What's more, potential clients who need a software development company skilled in ASP.net, SharePoint, Ruby on Rails, JAVA, & PHP or in need of IT staffing can reach out to them immediately. Lastly, business owners who have a unique idea for an app that would be developed on any of the major mobile operating systems can also get in touch with them this fall.