Purple Wishing Gate

PWG Covers the Milestones in Life with Blessings All Around

LogoSpecial occasions that mark the milestones in life deserve something special that speaks to the very heart of each event to be cherished. Purple Wishing Gate Founder, Barbara D. MacAdam writes about these moments as if they were written right from the giver's heart. They inspire, they honor, and they validate the importance of each event in the life of the giver AND the receiver.

Inspirational Blessings for Parents Are Popular Holiday Gifts from PWG

LogoSpecial occasions like Mother's and Father's Day are set aside to honor parents for their love, devotion and endless dedication to nurturing, teaching and encouraging their children over the course of their lifetimes. Typically, flowers and chocolates are given on these special days, but Purple Wishing Gate offers Mothers Day blessing gifts that last long after the flowers have faded away.

Purple Wishing Gate Finds Creative Ways to Bless New Homeowners

LogoUnique housewarming gifts are few and far between, but Purple Wishing Gate has found a creative way to bless homeowners with their line of personalized, ready-to-frame blessings. Purple Wishing Gate's "God Bless This Home" encapsulates the phrase "Home is where the heart is" in a beautiful poem written by company founder, Barbara D. MacAdam. With the new homeowners in mind, she focuses on the blessings and the opportunities that lay ahead, reminding them how fortunate they are to start a new journey in their new home… one they can share with friends and loved ones for years to come!

Purple Wishing Gate Empowers Women with Their Inspirational Blessings

LogoThrough the words of Founder, Barbara D. MacAdam's inspirational blessing gifts for women, Purple Wishing Gate has become the place to find the perfect gift to encourage, uplift and nurture women on any occasion or just because. Whether given to a best friend, sister or co-worker, these powerful poems bring a message of love and acceptance, something every woman needs.

Purple Wishing Gate Celebrates the Holidays with Personalized Blessings

LogoPurple Wishing Gate, the home to Barbara D. Macadam's line of inspirational blessings, is encouraging people to celebrate this holiday season by giving their loved ones a personalized blessing. Everyone wants to get their loved ones something sentimental and unique for the Holidays, but as the years go by it becomes harder to find something special.

Purple Wishing Gate Offers Inspirational Gifts to Honor America's Heroes

LogoThis September, in remembrance of 9/11, Purple Wishing Gate is honoring America's heroes by offering personalized inspirational gifts. It's important to never forget the tragic events of 9/11, but more important is to never forget the bravery of first responders in the aftermath or the selfless sacrifice of troops in the wars that followed.

Purple Wishing Gate Turns Their 5x7 Cards Into Frame-Able Gifts

LogoPurple Wishing Gate, an online gift store of inspirational blessings and cards, has launched a new concept for their 5x7 inch Cards. In keeping with their new sophisticated website design, they've come up with an easy way to turn an ordinary card into a true keepsake. Imagine being able to turn a beautiful, inspirational card with a tender, heartwarming message into a "ready-to-frame" gift!

Purple Wishing Gate Impresses Customers with Their Redesigned Website

LogoPurple Wishing Gate, an online gift store of blessings for any occasion, has unveiled a completely redesigned website with blazing fast speeds and an ultra-sleek look. The website includes a host of new features and designs aimed at enhancing the customer's shopping experience.

The Purple Wishing Gate Gives Unique Wedding Gifts to Newlyweds

LogoTrying to find a unique and meaningful wedding gift that will stand out above the rest and pass the test of time is always a challenge, but Purple Wishing Gate has the perfect solution, A Wedding Blessing Gift! Our research found that when presented with the choice between appliances, dishes, household items, or a framed wedding blessing, the winner is the Blessing!

Purple Wishing Gate Offers Meaningful Teacher Gifts

LogoAsk most teachers about their work, and they'll tell you it's more than a job, it's a labor of love. Our teachers spend much of their personal time nurturing and inspiring their students, molding their minds and hearts in ways that we can't imagine. Finding a meaningful teachers gift for sale can be difficult, but Purple Wishing Gate offers the perfect solution.