Introducing an Innovative Way to Tie Shoelaces Hands-Free

QLaces is pleased to introduce their revolutionary no tie shoe laces that can be used by people of all age groups including school-going children. It is time to ditch the traditional shoe laces and try on this trending no tie shoe laces for a new makeover. With these tieless shoelaces, there will be no dangling shoelaces and the many difficulties that come along with the laces that need to be tied again and again. Launches No Tie Shoelaces for All Genders and Ages Shoes.

People who wish to have a hassle-free experience with their shoe laces can consider the best no tie shoelaces at These shoelaces use elastic technology to keep the feet comfortable and the laces from getting loose or coming off. These shoelaces come in multiple numbers of colors (over 13 colors). So far, everyone who has used these new trending shoelaces has described them as very comfortable and a life enhancer product.