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How to Read a Car Dvd Player Introduction Without Obstacle?

KFC and M are short for Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald's, which are two famous fast food chains; CBC, ABC, BCM, ICBC, we usually see these combination of letters in some banks, yes, they are several large banks in China; BMW, BENZ, GMC, as we all know, they are world famous car brands. But do you know what are RDS, DVB-T, which usually appear in a car DVD player introduction?

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Long travels by a car may be very boring and tiring. Being entertained is really a great need on such travels. No matter it is a short trip or a long trip, you can spend your time watching some of your favorite movies on the go. Nowadays, the car DVD player can make this possible, and it has become exceedingly popular with families with young kids.

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Autodvdgps is the official website of Qualir Auto Electronics Co,. LTD, which was founded in 1998, aiming to make car owners’ drive more easily and cosily, by offering high-quality and reliable auto electronics. Through ten-years’ hard work, Quailr has become the leader of car electronics supplier in China, especially in B2C and B2B commerce area. You could see Qualir’s name on the first page in the internet if you search the key word ”car dvd gps player” on Google. Why Qualir is so successful in car electronics business, especially in car dvd gps palyer? Of course there doesn’t exist any coincidence. There have to be some reasons.

Windows 8 is Cooperating with ARM

Windows 8 is the codename of the next version of Microsoft windows, a family of operating systems produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablet Pcs, servers and media center PCs. Quote from Wiki.

Autodvdgps Become The Biggest Retailer of Custron

Custron is an aftermarket indash car radio and car electronics brand, owned by Kastone Technology. Co., LTD, which was established in 2009 in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen China. Kastone focused on car multimedia electronics and delicated to independent R&D, manufacturing and marketing in car multimedia system and other car electronics products. They are committed to the pursuit of perfect products.

What is the Headrest Monitor?

The car headrest monitor is an important part of the car entertainment application, the function of which is similar to the color television of the home theater.

New Car Technology and Car Electronics

It is said by a consortium of major automaker and mobile phone manufactures that a new connectivity standard between mobile phones and cars, ahead of the opening of this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, which is expected to be dominated by technology.

In-dash Car DVD GPS Navigation Purchase Guide

The sizes of the car are different, according to the brand and the model of your car. and not every car was created to install a in-dash car navigation system. So you need to check out the size of the dashboard.

Select a DVD Player for Your Car

Nowadays,more and more electronic product have been installed in the car,such as auto GPS,car DVD player, headrest monitor,backup camera,parking radar and so on.Which of them is the most useful?The answer is subjective.To many car owners who have children,I think they are likely to choose the car DVD player.

How to Make Your Driving Not Boring Any More

Have you ever got lost or felt bored when you were driving alone?Maybe you have tried a lot to avoid this,but failed.Now there is a advanced equipment called car DVD GPS,which includes many kinds of functions,such as car DVD,car GPS,radio,Bluetooth and so on.With a car DVD GPS,you will find that driving alone can be a pleasure,no matter it's a long journey or a short .Now let's together to learn that how car DVD GPS makes your driving not boring any more.