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Quality Garage Doors Offers Chance to Make Home More Secure

LogoThe garage is one of the most vulnerable parts of the home, which is particularly problematic because it tends to contain a fair amount of valuables while also serving as a convenient way for burglars to break into the rest of the home. Partly, this is because people tend to be more careless with locking up their garages than the rest of their homes, but it should also be noted that having the right garage door installed is essential for ensuring the right results. By making sure that their garage doors can satisfy their security needs, homeowners can make sure that their garages are as well-protected as possible.

Spring Is the Right Time for a Garage Door Inspection

LogoWinter has been known to cause a wide range of problems with garage doors. For example, it can cause lubricant to freeze, thus making it impossible to either open or close a garage door. Similarly, the freeze-thaw cycle can cause water to seep into existing faults before freezing again to inflict further damage. As a result, garage owners should remember to inspect their garage doors once winter is over, which will ensure longer-lasting usefulness than otherwise possible.

Chesapeake Case Is a Reminder to Choose Reliable and Reputable Contractors

LogoIn September of 2015, Timothy Phelps of Timberlynn Construction was convicted of construction fraud for failing to complete a 50' x 80' garage for a Virginia Beach house. As a result, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison with 10 years suspension, which must have come as poor consolation to his victims, who had been cheated out of $90,000. Phelps's case is a reminder to Virginia residents of the need to choose their contractors with care and caution because the potential consequences of a bad choice are so serious.

Garage Door Problems Occur with Cold Weather

LogoCold weather conditions are infamous for causing all sorts of problems for all multiple materials with prolonged exposure, so it should come as no surprise to learn that garage doors are not exempt from this problem. Homeowners should keep an eye out for such problems because a moment of carelessness can come with unpleasant consequences. Some garage door problems can be fixed using their own resources, but others might need outside assistance.

Insulation in Garage Doors Will Limit Your Energy Bill

LogoQuality Garage Doors warns that with the onset of winter's cold, a dilapidated garage door represents a potential gaping hole in which the bulk of the owner's energy expenses can seep out resulting in elevated power bills each month.

Give Back with Quality Garage Doors' Turkey Giveaway

LogoQuality Garage Doors, a long time leader in garage door installation services in Virginia is embracing the holiday spirit by offering a new way for customers to give back to their community. For the 2015 holiday season, whenever a customer purchases a new garage door from Quality Garage Doors, a turkey will be donated to a local food bank.

Quality Garage Doors Reminds Homeowners to Replace Lost and Broken Remotes for Their Garage Door Openers Before Winter Comes

LogoGarage door opener remotes are frequently lost or broken. They fall out of cars and are run over. They're lent to friends and never returned. They're taken out of cars and misplaced. Sometimes, homeowners delay replacing remotes for garage door openers. Quality Garage Doors encourages homeowners who haven't replaced broken or lost remotes to get new ones before foul winter weather arrives.

Quality Garage Doors Is Helping Homeowners Prepare for Cooler Temperatures with Insulated Garage Door Installation

LogoAs fall approaches and temperatures drop, homeowners will soon be turning on the heat in their houses. Quality Garage Doors, a garage door installation company in Virginia, is helping homeowners prepare for the colder weather ahead by offering insulated garage doors.

Quality Garage Doors Offers Peace of Mind, Security, and a Better Looking Home After Just One Visit

LogoGarage doors are an important part of the home. In fact, many crimes and break-ins happen when the garage door is in ill repair or an obvious access point. Garages are offset from the home, often stocked with valuable tools and items the homeowners don't use on a daily basis, and they are quiet gateways into the home. A damaged garage door is an invitation to a criminal into the garage or even the home.

Quality Garage Doors Offers Diverse Garage Door Installation and Repair Services in Virginia: Enjoy Exceptional Services at Reasonable Rates

LogoBased in Virginia, Quality Garage Doors is a reputable garage door company. It is one business that manages to deal with and handle all garage door requirements including servicing and repairs. Quality Garage Doors aims to supply quality services and the best solutions that the industry has to offer which enable customers to trust them and seek for their services in the future. Quality Garage Doors prides itself in having highly skilled technicians who possess unparalleled experience in handling various garage door services and manage to deliver effective solutions in record time.