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Check Garage Doors to Ensure Children's Safety

LogoCulpeper police officer Matt Satterfield earned the thanks of a township family after finding and returning a little girl with autism, Fredericksburg news outlets have reported. The girl, 7-year-old Grayce-Anne Heheh was found playing in some muddy water on a construction site close to her family's house, police said.

Damage from Hurricane Florence Leaves Homeowners Looking Into New Garage Doors

LogoHurricane Florence touched the coast early in September 2018, and the damage it did has affected millions of homeowners in Virginia and the Carolinas. Moving at just 5 mph when it came ashore, the slow-moving storm dropped an estimated 18 trillion gallons of rain over the region and subjected homes within a 400-mile-wide swathe to sustained winds of over 60 mph. Nearly 2 million people were told to evacuate as the weather front, now downgraded to a tropical storm, swept over cities and towns where more than 10 million people live.

Garage Door Experts Address Top Myths About Repairs

LogoExperts at Quality Garage Doors have addressed the most common myths they hear about garage door repairs. This informal meeting between the company's repair specialists revealed the top fallacies they hear from nervous homeowners. It's the company's way of showing how important garage door repair is to the community.

Top Garage Door Repair Service Answers Customer Questions About Winter Weather's Effects on Garage Door Openers

LogoVirginia based Quality Garage Doors' team of specialists recently took time out of their busy schedule to address the effects of snow, ice and freezing temperatures on garage door openers. This informative session answered questions commonly received through social media and the company's website.

Overall Winter Might Be Mild, but Sudden Cold Snap Makes Preparations Important for Home Owners

LogoA working garage door is critical to keeping utility costs down during the coldest weather, because a lot of heat can be lost through an open garage depending on how the home is constructed. Even with a stand-alone or well-insulated garage, a faulty garage door can be difficult to open or close or can let snowdrifts and damaging winds into the space.

Factors to Consider Before a Garage Door Installation Service

LogoA garage door is an essential part of a home, as it enhances security and adds elegance to the overall look of the property. Anyone seeking to upgrade an old garage door or replace a noisy garage opener needs to take conscious steps to ensure they choose the right garage door installation experts. Who are well qualified and experienced to handle the job. When it comes to garage door installation services, there are many factors to consider when deciding which garage door is right for an establishment.

Why Is Hiring a Professional Garage Door Repair Service So Important?

LogoA malfunctioning garage door can be quite stressful. Since garages are used to store valuables, cars, and create another entrance into the house, it is crucial that it is installed to code. Taking steps to repair, maintain, and install garage doors professionally will increase personal safety, save money, and significantly contribute towards extending the life of the garage door.

Summer Vacation Home Safety Tips

LogoSummer's here, and while most folks are eager to head out on the roadways and airways to take that much needed vacation, burglars are just as eager to break into their homes. In fact, the FBI reports that the summer months of July and August are the hottest months for home break-ins. This is due to the most obvious fact that many homeowners are heading away on vacation, leaving their homes unattended during their departure.

The Important Facts for Garage Door Installation

LogoChoosing a new garage door for the home is not a decision to be taken lightly. With such a vast offer on today's market, the decision to go through with a garage door installation is becoming increasingly heard, all the more so as our expectations with regard to functionality, safety and price are much higher. Quality Garage Doors would like to help its customers shorten that learning curve and skip the marketing fluff by pointing out the main features that anyone interested in having a garage door installation should be looking for.

A Good Garage Door Can Increase a Home's Value

LogoThe exterior of a home is responsible for much of the initial impression that it creates in the people who see it, meaning that a beautiful-looking exterior can increase the value of the home to which it is attached. Since some parts of a home's exterior stand out more than the others, they should receive more of the homeowner's limited time and resources for the best results, with the garage door being a prime example.