QuikFish Goggles Debut to a Wave of Great Reviews

LogoQuikFish, a new swimwear brand spearheaded by swimmers and triathletes, announced today that its flagship goggles have earned rave reviews since their debut on amazon.com. Customers, both recreational swimmers and athletes, have praised the goggles for their increased visibility, comfort and superior design.

QuikFish Swimming Goggles Make a Huge Splash

LogoLess than three weeks into the launch and QuikFish swimming goggles have registered over 100 positive customer reviews on Amazon.com. Customers are raving about the comfortable design, quality construction and the fact that they do not fog-up or leak!

QuikFish Swimming Goggles Launch on Amazon

LogoThere's nothing more frustrating than swimming goggles that leak, fog up or cause discomfort during a swim; however, swimmers and triathletes now have an ally in the newly launched QuikFish Swimming Goggles brand.