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Experienced Miami FL Divorce Attorneys Can Help You Draft a Marital Settlement Agreement

LogoIt may be prudent to create a marriage settlement agreement if you and your spouse are divorcing. A marriage settlement agreement is a legal document that handles issues such as the division of property and debt, child custody, and spousal and child support, among others. If you and your spouse acquired any quantifiable assets during your marriage, the marital settlement agreement will be one of the most significant and legally binding instruments in your divorce.

Get Help from a Miami Dentist to Carefully Remove Mercury Fillings

LogoAssure a Smile provides holistic dentistry in Miami that excludes amalgam fillings with liquid mercury. These silver fillings are being replaced with dental implants that are not made of mercury, which are biocompatible, resilient, and have not been connected to any health issues.

Civil Annulments in Miami Handled by Experienced Family Law Lawyers

LogoA divorce dissolves a properly formed marriage, whereas an annulment deems a marriage null and void because it was never validly formed. As a result, the standards are vastly different. All that is required for a divorce is for one spouse to declare that the marriage is irreversibly broken. The court will not inquire as to why the marriage failed. With an annulment, however, the petitioner must show that the marriage was damaged from the start and cannot or has not been healed.

Experienced Miami Divorce Lawyers Uncover Hidden Assets

LogoParties involved in divorce must provide a complete financial disclosure to each other, as well as the court. Unfortunately, not everyone who is going through a divorce acts reasonable. Many people try to conceal their assets and income in order to get a better property and alimony settlement. However, this action is fraud, and if discovered, the dishonest party could face serious consequences. On the other hand, if you have inexperienced or mediocre divorce counsel, your spouse may be able to get away with misrepresentation that deprives you of your fair share of marital assets. The Miami FL divorce attorneys at Rafool have a lot of expertise with high-net-worth divorces. Their legal team knows how to use the discovery process to unearth proof of deceit, and recover the assets you deserve.

Experienced Florida Family Law Attorneys Develop and Negotiate Prenuptial Agreements

LogoWhen a couple decides to divorce, the financial connections that bind them might lead to a lengthy legal battle just when the parties are ready to move on. With individualized prenuptial agreements that reflect your goals, the Miami family law lawyers at Rafool, LLC provide asset protection and peace of mind in the aims of avoiding such lengthy dissolution proceedings.

Raymond J. Rafool Presents Panel at Miami-Dade Bench & Bar Conference

LogoRaymond J. Rafool, Esquire, presented a panel discussion on Family Law with the Deans at the Miami-Dade Bench & Bar Conference. The Bench and Bar is an annual seminar hosted by the Dade County Bar Association to highlight the top legal talent in South Florida and beyond. Over 90 courses were offered at the full-day conference, ranging from criminal and civil litigation to tax, probate, and arbitration.

Child Custody Lawyers in Miami

LogoWhen parents split up through divorce, unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see children brought in the middle of it. Miami family law lawyers at Rafool, LLC serve the Miami area by providing legal advice in the middle of divorces that involve child custody. Rafool, LLC's accomplished lawyers can handle these delicate issues with the knowledge and compassion they need.

Manage Divorce with Experienced Miami Lawyers at Rafool, LLC

LogoDivorces are not always complicated, however, it is not uncommon that they reach that level quickly. Hurt feelings, assets, children, and business expenses are some of the most common challenges for a peaceful and problem-free divorce. When divorce gets complicated, extensive legal knowledge and experience from a Miami family law lawyer is the best way to handle the situation. Rafool, LLC helps you get the personalized legal assistance you need to ensure a fair and comprehensive settlement.

Are Divorce Rates Falling in 2021

LogoIt seems that divorces are on the decline after a significant spike at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020. The surge of divorces likely happened because couples were forced to face their issues and take time to reflect on them. Additional stresses the pandemic caused mentally, emotionally, and financially, with the lack of support systems (that were not as readily accessible during the pandemic) caused couples to face their issues. All this together created a perfect storm for problems to surface or form. However, with the world seemingly in the process of reopening, divorce rates have begun to decline.

Family Law Practice in South Florida

LogoThroughout the state of Florida, Rafool, LLC., has been representing clients for almost 30 years in family and divorce law. Rafool, LLC., treats these situations as more than just a case - we honor and respect the emotional turmoil, financial issues, and devastating impact these cases can have on children. Our family law attorneys in Miami are dedicated to protecting your rights with the skill, determination, and empathy so your family can feel supported in a difficult time.