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LogoDivorces are not always complicated, however, it is not uncommon that they reach that level quickly. Hurt feelings, assets, children, and business expenses are some of the most common challenges for a peaceful and problem-free divorce. When divorce gets complicated, extensive legal knowledge and experience from a Miami family law lawyer is the best way to handle the situation. Rafool, LLC helps you get the personalized legal assistance you need to ensure a fair and comprehensive settlement.

Are Divorce Rates Falling in 2021

LogoIt seems that divorces are on the decline after a significant spike at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020. The surge of divorces likely happened because couples were forced to face their issues and take time to reflect on them. Additional stresses the pandemic caused mentally, emotionally, and financially, with the lack of support systems (that were not as readily accessible during the pandemic) caused couples to face their issues. All this together created a perfect storm for problems to surface or form. However, with the world seemingly in the process of reopening, divorce rates have begun to decline.

Family Law Practice in South Florida

LogoThroughout the state of Florida, Rafool, LLC., has been representing clients for almost 30 years in family and divorce law. Rafool, LLC., treats these situations as more than just a case - we honor and respect the emotional turmoil, financial issues, and devastating impact these cases can have on children. Our family law attorneys in Miami are dedicated to protecting your rights with the skill, determination, and empathy so your family can feel supported in a difficult time.

COVID Has Extended Foster Care Stays

LogoThousands of families across the United States have had reunifications with children in foster care shut down as courts delay cases, opt for virtual meetings, and temporarily shut down. There has been a decrease in children exiting the foster care system, meaning families are waiting longer with a system that had intentions of being temporary.

Florida House Representative Wants to Modernize Alimony

LogoAnthony Rodriguez, representative of Florida House District 118 covering parts of Miami-Dade County, seeks to modernize alimony and provide more paths to independence. Alimony is the legal obligation for financial support to a spouse before or after divorce. Rodriguez feels that the burdens placed on both men and women following court-involved divorce cases are far too high.

Making the Annulment Decision

LogoWhen a couple marries, they usually do so intending to be together for the remainder of their lives. This isn't always the case, however. Countless relationships end in divorce for a variety of reasons. In such situations, the most appropriate choice is to obtain a divorce or likely an annulment, based on the circumstances.

Prenuptial Agreements Provide Peace of Mind

LogoThe division of property likely isn’t a topic most couples prioritize when they decide to marry. Due to reasons like divorce or the passing of one partner, marriages can end. Therefore a prenuptial agreement is something couples may wish to discuss.

A Brief Look at Contested and Uncontested Divorce

LogoIn Florida, any couple pursuing a divorce must file a matrimonial dissolution. They will have the option of signing a marital settlement deal if they can concur on one or more of the major points, outlining how all the main divorce disputes have been addressed. A parenting plan may also be developed where children are involved, detailing the rights and duties of both parents, including child care, making decisions for the child, and more.

Managing Long Distance Parenting

LogoActing as a team with the other parent in an acrimonious divorce is something that may take work. In such circumstances, though, it is important to think first of all about the mental health and welfare of the child. Among the ways to do this is for the long-distance parent to schedule video call sessions with the other so they don't interfere with moments like when the child is in the middle of dinner or their schooling. The parent with whom the child lives may also want to jot down a list of topics to get the most out of those video calls.

Making Divorce Easier for Children

LogoStrong feelings of bitterness between the parents can develop in divorces that involve child custody. These strong feelings can boil over and negatively affect children. Because of the damage they can do, minimizing the effects of divorce on children is important.