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Prenuptial Agreements Provide Peace of Mind

LogoThe division of property likely isn’t a topic most couples prioritize when they decide to marry. Due to reasons like divorce or the passing of one partner, marriages can end. Therefore a prenuptial agreement is something couples may wish to discuss.

A Brief Look at Contested and Uncontested Divorce

LogoIn Florida, any couple pursuing a divorce must file a matrimonial dissolution. They will have the option of signing a marital settlement deal if they can concur on one or more of the major points, outlining how all the main divorce disputes have been addressed. A parenting plan may also be developed where children are involved, detailing the rights and duties of both parents, including child care, making decisions for the child, and more.

Managing Long Distance Parenting

LogoActing as a team with the other parent in an acrimonious divorce is something that may take work. In such circumstances, though, it is important to think first of all about the mental health and welfare of the child. Among the ways to do this is for the long-distance parent to schedule video call sessions with the other so they don't interfere with moments like when the child is in the middle of dinner or their schooling. The parent with whom the child lives may also want to jot down a list of topics to get the most out of those video calls.

Making Divorce Easier for Children

LogoStrong feelings of bitterness between the parents can develop in divorces that involve child custody. These strong feelings can boil over and negatively affect children. Because of the damage they can do, minimizing the effects of divorce on children is important.

Divorce in the Age of Social Media

LogoFinance remains a big part of any divorce. For those that may like to share posts regarding their income or some luxury item like a car that was recently purchased, a judge might interpret them in a way that suggests that there are assets not being disclosed and the person isn't being entirely truthful regarding their financial situation.

Collaborative Divorce May Be an Option

LogoThere's always heavy feelings associated with a divorce. Such feelings may come into play, making it difficult for couples to settle their situation pleasantly and reach an agreement, necessitating that a judge intervenes. When that happens, the case could get worse because the judge may decide on matters which the soon-to-be-former couple doesn't agree with. Couples may want to discuss the idea of a collaborative divorce to avoid that.

Rafool, LLC Is Offering Mobile and Virtual Consultations

LogoThe COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to close their doors indefinitely or change how they go about doing business. The law firm of Rafool, LLC, understands that there may be confusion as to what is open, which businesses are closed, or how people can take care of their legal matters under the existing circumstances. The firm would like to remind its current and prospective clients that it remains open for business.

Making the Decision to Get a Prenuptial Agreement

LogoMiami, FL – Prenuptial agreements remain something of a sensitive topic as couples must entertain the idea that a divorce is a real possibility. Although divorce is common, a prenuptial agreement may help strengthen the bond between spouses.

Choosing a Guardian for a Child

LogoMiami, FL – A bright future is something every parent wants for their child. This may involve having to make the tough decision of designating a guardian. There are ways to make the process a little easier.

David R. Hazouri Becomes a Family Lawyer Magazine Contributor

LogoIn addition to this, Mr. Hazouri is currently participating in a task force set up within the EDDE committee of the Business Law Section of the Florida Bar. The task force will survey and recommend broader adoption of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure discovery regime concerning voluntary production and mandatory meet and confer requirements across the state of Florida.