Randolph Animal Hospital

Vermont Animal Hospital Promotes Pet Dental Care

LogoRandolph Animal Hospital in Randolph, Vermont provides a full selection of services covering general and emergency care for pets of all kinds. One important facet of care often overlooked by owners is their pets' oral health. Regular dental care for pets is crucial to preventing the onset of diseases that, just like in humans, can lead to severe problems in the rest of the body if left untreated. Dental hygiene and oral health for dogs and cats is just as important as it is in their humans. The family pet uses its teeth for much more than just chewing. Playing, eating, cleaning and protection are all part of the duties of a pet's teeth. Regular dental care, checkups and home hygiene must be maintained in order for pets to lead healthy, happy lives.

Vermont Animal Hospital Practices Preventive Medicine for Dogs and Cats

LogoRandolph Animal Hospital offers a full selection of veterinary services and care for household pets and beloved animal companions for families in Randolph, Vermont. Randolph Animal Hospital provides emergency services as well, including on-call staff prepared for diagnostic, surgical and dental care. In addition to general veterinary care, the team at Randolph knows it’s equally important to keep routine appointments for pets as well as people. Dogs and cats also benefit from regularly scheduled wellness exams as certain conditions may appear or advance more quickly, since pets age faster than people.

Randolph Animal Hospital Veterinary Clinic Handles Emergency Services for Many Breeds

LogoRandolph Animal Hospital Veterinary Clinic of Randolph, Vermont is ready to serve the community at large with an expanded selection of services and emergency care for the furry and feathered friends and family members who need it most. An updated patient intake system and breed list extension makes Randolph Animal Hospital an easy solution for owners who need special care for their special creature at a moment’s notice, or are looking for a modern way to provide ongoing, regular care for the beloved family pet. Their computerized appointment system allows the well-trained staff to more efficiently schedule appointments and check-ups.