Ray Lighting Co. Ltd.

Consumers Can Now Enjoy Uniform, Comfortable and Soft Lighting

That Ray Lighting Co. Limited, as a LED panel lights manufacturer, is offering high-quality and energy-saving LED panel lights may be good news for consumers. The design of the LED panel lights the company manufactures and offers may be simple but is unique.

Energy Saving LED Lighting Products from Ray Lighting

Ray Lighting is one of the leading LED Light Manufacturers in China that offers an entire product range focusing on energy efficient LED lighting products for all types of commercial, residential, industrial and outdoor lighting applications. The main advantage of LEDs is that the technology is extremely energy efficient wherein the lighting products would consume up to 90 per cent less power when compared to incandescent bulbs. They use a meagre fraction of energy thereby decreasing the energy costs to a great extent. Apart from saving more on energy bills, users can also save on costs related to maintenance and replacement because LED lights have a longer life span.