Redwood Options

Redwood Options Launches Free Ebook Guides for New Binary Options Trading Members

Initially developed in the early 1970's, binary options have been a component in the financial clockwork much longer than many investors realize. While their originally complicated makeup made them only viable for financial institutions and the wealthiest of financiers, attempts were made from the beginning to coordinate specific guidelines pertaining to these ventures. Over the 40 years following their inaugural run, binary options were continuously modified until they were finally introduced to the general investing public in 2008.

Redwood Options Announces Release of Reworked Augmented Training Course

Binary options specialist Redwood Options recently announced the release of a newly revamped educational asset aimed at traders of all skill levels. "Offering the innovative opportunities that we do, we've put a lot of effort into helping investors learn the ropes," company representative Thomas White explained, "Our new free options trading guide is going to help greatly in this endeavor, and we predict that more investors than ever will find success through using it." This eBook walks investors through everything they need to know to get started trading binary options, from basic terminology to advanced functionality of Redwood's trading platform.

Redwood Options Unveils Series of Investment-Oriented Web Seminars

Financial trading platform Redwood Options today announced the release of a series of web-based seminars aimed at introducing investors to binary options and related subjects. The classes, available from the company's home page, cover everything from getting started with this type of trading to more advanced topics, including various methods of technical analysis. Free of charge, and with most being open to all investors, these interactive seminars continue the company's push toward increasing investor awareness about these financial opportunities.