Reed Brothers Security

Owner of Reed Brothers Security Continues as President of the California Locksmiths Association

LogoThe owner of Reed Brothers Security, Randy Reed, will continue as President of the California Locksmiths Association (CLA). One of his goals is to educate the state on ways to combat fraudulent locksmith activities.

Reed Brothers Security to Sell Port Key

LogoSan Francisco locksmith company, Reed Brothers Security, is now offering a new product called the Port Key. This product is not found in many stores and will appeal to anyone with bulky key chains or too many USB drives.

Reed Brothers Security Is Featured on ABC Channel 7 News

LogoWith crime rates as high as ever, it’s more important than ever to take necessary steps to protect your home and property, and Reed Brothers Security wants to help you. Recently, the company was featured in the news on ABC channel 7 after high quality home surveillance cameras were able to catch thieves stealing delivered packages sitting on people’s porches.

Reed Brothers Security Now Has 95 Five-Star Reviews on Yelp

LogoReed Brothers Security, one of the security services companies in the greater San Francisco Bay area, is excited to announce that it has reached 95 five-star reviews on Yelp. The local review site offers overwhelmingly positive feedback from real Reed Brothers Security customers.

Reed Brothers Security Offers Home Security Camera That Helps Police Catch Thief

LogoMore thieves are taking advantage of the fact that packages are often delivered while homeowners are not at home to receive them. In the case where a thief stole a package off the porch of Oakland California resident, Damon Paiz, the value of having indoor and outdoor security systems has been proven. A video taken by the outdoor surveillance camera shows a man casing the Paiz home before coming up to the door, taking the package and going away. Police now have a positive ID of the man. Adding security cameras to alarm systems provides an even greater degree of security to protect property that is outdoors that can be taken with little effort.

Reed Brothers Security Celebrates over 50 Years in Business

LogoNothing is more important to a home owner that keeping their loved ones and their property safe. For over 50 years, Reed Brothers Security has been providing reliable and comprehensive home security systems and business security systems and related security products to the Greater San Francisco Bay area. Centrally located in the Temescal District, Reed Brothers is a community-based business that has a long-established history for providing the burglar alarms and security devices that have kept home and businesses safe and given more residents the peace of mind they need for knowing what matters most to them is safe and secure.