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Rentokil Pest Control Malaysia Partners with the Ministry of Health to Improve Food Safety

LogoOne of the main concerns in our everyday lives involves safe food for consumption. As much as consumers try to avoid contaminated food, there are limited means to assure that food is safe before consumption. In 2015 alone, there were 266,319 hospitalisations recorded in Malaysia where 15,346 were due to food related illnesses such as food poisoning, typhoid, cholera, dysentery etc.

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Shares if Malaysians' Attitude Are Contributing to Increasing Dengue Cases

LogoWorld Health Organisation (WHO) has reported that Malaysia is in the top 10 list of countries with the highest dengue cases globally. As of September 2017, a total of 69,603 dengue cases has been recorded in Malaysia. As if that isn't worrying enough, Ministry of Health (MOH) also shared that 175 Malaysians have died from the deadly disease this year. Tropical countries like Malaysia are magnet to mosquitoes as they are attracted to warm, humid places with plenty of access to still water.

Experts from Rentokil Initial Working Together with Key Industry Leaders and Food Safety Auditors to Improve Food Safety in Malaysia

LogoRecently, international news portal were swamped with food recall reports on contaminated eggs in the European markets. Besides recalling the eggs, a long list of food products that contained eggs had to be withdrawn from shelves as well. Closer to home, in 2016 a popular milk brand in Malaysia had also recalled their product off the shelf when it was found to be contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Kicks off Supply Chain Risk Management Workshops and Launches PestConnect and Lumnia

LogoRentokil Initial Malaysia brought together over 200 key industry leaders nationwide, from F&B manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, hospitality, food handlers, pharmaceutical sectors with one objective - to improve food safety in Malaysia. The event was also joined by Health Inspectors from the Ministry of Health.

Malaysians' Attitude Could Be Contributing to Termites Infestation

LogoOften known by the locals as "white ants" or "anai-anai" in Malaysia for their capability to cause exorbitant damages to your biggest investment. But besides causing structural damages, did you know that termites infestation can also lead to injuries and potentially, death?

Rentokil Initial Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence in Malaysia

LogoRentokil Initial celebrates its 50th anniversary in Malaysia, as the industry leader for pest control and hygiene services. Here is a brief history on its founding in this multicultural country:

Rentokil Aims to Break the Mosquito Life Cycle Through Collective Efforts to Save Lives

LogoACTING as Aedes Fighters, dedicated volunteers from Rentokil Initial Malaysia have worked together on a mission to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds, reducing the mosquito population, and to create healthier and safer environments for our communities. This nationwide initiative is part of the organisation's annual corporate social responsibility programme; Community Oriented Health Education Programme (COHEP), which aims to galvanise the communities in Malaysia into taking actions to preserve a clean and hygienic environment in and out of their residency to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Survey by Initial Hygiene Reveals That Unhygienic Workplaces Are Affecting Employees' Productivity

LogoThe majority of our time is spent at our workplaces, where the conditions of the environment may have either a positive or hazardous impact on our health and well-being. Having a well organised, safe, and healthy environment are conducive to our professional and social development, as dangerous exposures can have adverse consequences to our health.

Initial Malaysia Aims to Cultivate Good Hygiene Practices Through Hygiene Detective Campaign

LogoInitial, the Experts in Hygiene services is bringing back its Hygiene Detective Campaign. It aims to highlight the differences between clean and hygienic as well as to educate the public on cross-contamination, especially at workplace.

Rentokil Malaysia Battling Rising Dengue and Zika Cases with Integrated Mosquito Management Programme

LogoIn recent decades, global dengue and Zika outbreaks have grown exponentially. World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated that about 50% of the world's population are at risk for dengue and as many as four million people could be infected by Zika towards year end. As of August 2016, up to 67,437 dengue cases were reported in Malaysia with 153 deaths. The concerns on mosquito-borne diseases in the nation are now further exacerbated with the presence of Zika virus resulting in a total of 6 confirmed Zika cases so far.