Run Your Real Estate Business on Cruise Control by Hiring Filipino VA's

In this week’s IREL podcast, outsourcing maverick and celebrated e-commerce businessman John Jonas shares his success story and how he has managed to build a successful and lucrative empire that lets him manage his time between family, business and empowering other entrepreneurs to follow in his footsteps. This podcast gives great insight on his creation of the Replace Myself system and how real estate professionals in the US and other countries can take advantage of the virtual autopilot principle to help them gain momentous success in their business operations.

Changing Your Mindset: How Outsourcing to Philippines Made John Jonas Live the 17-Hour Work Week

Outsourcing guru and successful online entrepreneur John Jonas is featured in this week's podcast. In a 30-minute interview, Jonas shares the story of how he built several lucrative online businesses with the help of workers he has hired from the Philippines. With his team of full time employees, John's online business endeavors became financially successful. More importantly, by providing the right training and guidance to his team, he was able to outsource majority of his daily work and spend more time with his growing family.