Radiotherapy Devices Market by Technology, Applications & Products (2011 - 2016)

Logo“Radiotherapy Devices Market By Technology, Applications & Products (2011 – 2016) (Cyberknife, Gammaknife, Linac, Tomotherapy, Proton Therapy Systems, Seeds, Afterloaders, Iodine-131, IMRT, IGRT, Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy & Stereotactic Technology) - Global Trends & Competitive Analysis”

What's Next In Vaccines (Malaria, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Allergies and 30 Other Targets in the 2012-2021 Vaccine Pipeline)

LogoVaccines are one of the most dynamic parts of the pharmaceutical business today but future growth will depend on a considerable amount of potential vaccines in the pipeline.This Kalorama Information report What's Next in Vaccines? examines and estimates the market for vaccines that have yet to be launched. What diseases may see a prophylactics vaccine option in the coming years? Which vaccines will have the most successful business model? Who are the major companies in this market, and possible new entrants? What can current vaccine success stories tell us about the future of the vaccine market? The following target areas are covered in the report:

LidlUK: Consumer Profile

LogoLidlUK: Consumer Profile is the result of Canadean’s extensive online consumer survey Lidl in the UK, presenting uniquely detailed data on Lidl’s end-consumers. It provides retailer profiles for both Main and Occasional consumers (determined by the share of their goods coming from this retailer) covering over 25 individual consumer groups, and retailer share at product category level.

EVSE Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Market Worldwide

LogoThe electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) market exploded in 2010 and 2011, a necessary increase as auto manufacturers finally started mass producing over a half dozen different plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) models worldwide. The number of charging stations around the world increased by more than 230% in both years, with over 116,000 new charge points sold worldwide in 2011. Given the fast rate of adoption of both PEV and EVSE, the EVSE market will be a mainstream market by decade’s end.

The Future of Retailing in Russia to 2016

LogoFuture forecasts and historic market data can improve market and strategic planning- Understand which channels and products will be the major winners and losers in the coming years. Know the share of sales between different products in your key channels and how this will develop- Assess the impact of economic recession and recovery on market growth

Food and Beverage Packaging Trends in the U.S.: Consumer Viewpoints and Marketer Opportunities

LogoFood and Beverage Packaging Trends in the U.S.: Consumer Viewpoints and Marketer Opportunities provides fresh, original and actionable analysis of how key consumer trends intersect with and impact food and beverage packaging. Packaging has increasingly moved beyond basic functionality into value-added features that amp up convenience, product quality and freshness, and eco-friendliness. Based on proprietary Packaged Facts survey data, this report analyzes which packaging attributes and innovations are most valuable to consumers and most likely to influence consumer behavior.

The World Market for Veterinary Diagnostics

LogoVeterinary diagnostics have incorporated technologies and methods gained from human diagnostics and mainstream healthcare to develop a now full-fledged sister market that remains open to further innovation. Major diagnostic methods in mainstream healthcare – immunodiagnostics, molecular testing (including nucleic acid testing), hematology and clinical chemistry – now have standard applications in the veterinary care of companion (pets) and food animals (livestock and production animals).

Nail Care Market in the U.S.: Retail Products and Professional Services

LogoThe mass nail care market has grown by leaps and bounds since 2009, dwarfing the relatively sleepy growth rates in other cosmetics categories. The explosive growth in mass-market sales of nail care products continued into 2012, as nail care sales grew 26% for the 52 weeks ending April 15, 2012.

Smart Appliances

LogoSmart appliances will play a critical role in the transformation to Smart Grid infrastructure adoption. Smart appliances are products that use electricity and have the ability to receive, interpret, and act on a signal received from a utility and then automatically adjust their operation to save energy or perform other functions. The growth and development of smart appliances represents a substantial component of the residential demand response capabilities of the Smart Grid. Smart appliances are sold as standalone products and marketed as highly energy-efficient machines that operate independently with minimal user maintenance. Despite this sales approach, SBI Energy finds that the growth trend of the global market for smart appliances is dependent upon the successful development of the larger electric Smart Grid.

World Wound Care Markets (Skin Ulcer, Burns, Surgical/Trauma)

LogoThe wound care market requires constant innovation and scientific research is ongoing to find ways of improving healing outcomes in all types of wounds. The wound care industry is an incredibly diverse and highly competitive arena that is ever-changing. Kalorama Information feels that the market will continue to expand over the long term due to an aging population, longer life expectancies, and an increasing number of sicker patients across all care settings.