Retailcrossing Is a Ray of Hope for the Unemployed Jobs in the Retail Sector

According to Kronos Inc., there were 37,388 in June in the retail sector while the figures of July are slightly high with 40,070 hires.

Amazon Promises 5,000 Jobs in Texas in Exchange for Waiver on Sales Tax, Retailcrossing Finds 39,000 Jobs is in negotiations with the Texas government for a deal which could see the state gain 5,000 jobs and $300 million in investments in the next three years.

South Carolina Senate Gives Approval to Amazon Compromise, Retailcrossing Finds 47,000 Jobs.

The South Carolina Senate has finally given Amazon a deal which will ensure that the online retail giant opens a distribution center in the state.

Amazon to Hire 1,200 Workers in Tennessee, Retailcrossing Finds 30,000 Retail Jobs Nationwide.

Amazon plans to build centers in the state has attracted criticism from the local retail business owners. Just as in South Carolina, the local businesses in Tennessee are opposed to the fact that Amazon will not have to charge its state customers a sales tax.

Wal-mart Announce Plans on Hiring 4,000 Workers in Sc, Retailcrossing Finds 27,000 Jobs Nationwide

The Wal-Mart announcement comes just one week after Amazon decided to drop plans to build a massive distribution center in South Carolina. The Amazon center would have created around 1,200 jobs.

Home Depot and Lowe’s Plan on Hiring 110,000 Temp Workers, RetailCrossing Finds 182,000 Jobs.

RetailCrossing, a job aggregator website focusing only on retail industry related jobs has been able to compile over 182,000 jobs so far this month.

Triangle Area Unemployment Goes Up; Raleighcrossing Finds 18,000 Jobs in Area

CEO A. Harrison Barnes of RaleighCrossing says that Raleigh still has jobs in the hi-tech area. “The Research Triangle is still hiring in significant numbers.

Amazon Decides to Hire 1,200 Employees, Retailcrossing Finds 31,000 Jobs Across U.S.

CEO A. Harrison Barnes of RetailCrossing sees this as an example of big companies moving to the south. “Southern states have among the lowest labor costs in the country and big orporate companies are now waking up to that fact.