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Review 3D Printers Publishes a Cheap 3D Printer Guide

3D printing appears to be the wave of the future. According to Statistic Brain, 3D printer revenue is expected to reach $1.4 billion by 2018, with end users spending $412,000,000 on 3D printing devices in 2013. According to this site, 21 percent of 3D printer spending was done by consumers, which equals to $87 million, and the cost of these devices continues to decline. In fact, Review 3D Printers ( reports a home user may purchase one of these devices for as little as $500.

Review 3D Printers Publishes Eagerly Anticipated New Review of Hot UP! Plus 2 Printer

Review 3D Printers, a top source for in-depth, unbiased reports on 3D printing equipment, published an eagerly awaited new review of the popular UP! Plus 2 3D printer. Since its launch, the UP! Plus 2 has been one of the most talked-about new printers online, and the new Review 3D Printers report is the most comprehensive, detailed take on the product's strengths and weaknesses to be found anywhere. A leading authority in the field, Review 3D Printers regularly publishes some of the industry's most relied-upon and frequently recommended reviews of 3D printers.

Announcing the Launch of Review 3D Printers, Internet's Newest 3D Printing Resource

Review 3D Printers, a site focusing on consumer-oriented 3D printers and related topics, has launched and is now available to all visitors at Http:// Created to provide a focused, in-depth take on the versatile, small-scale manufacturing devices that are attracting so much attention, the new site already boasts a strong selection of guides and printer reviews and will be enhanced further on an ongoing basis. The resources available at Review 3D Printers can be accessed free of charge and without registration by all visitors, and readers can count on objective, comprehensive perspectives throughout.