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Reality TV Star Anna Kelle Gets Sculpted

When one of the stars of MTV The Valleys’, Anna Kelle (aka AK), began turning down jobs because she couldn’t bear for anyone to see her in a swimsuit, she knew something had to be done. Despite exercising and eating healthily, 33 year-old Anna found that since undergoing a caesarean section five years ago, her stomach just wouldn’t return to its previous toned shape. Fed up with losing work and being uncomfortable taking her young son swimming, along with the added pressure of appearing on a cult reality television show, Anna contacted Dr Ravi Jain, Medical Director and founder of The Riverbanks Clinic (www.riverbanksclinic.co.uk), and booked in for the unique Vaser 4D procedure, a liposuction and body-sculpting treatment that can reshape the figure.

Dr Ravi Jain and Galderma Help Patients Restore Facial Balance with New 'Harmony Programme'

The revolutionary new ‘Harmony Programme’ is a consultation method designed to involve the patient much more in the process of choosing their treatment plans and also to try and minimise their spend. The personalised treatment plan that uses the latest techniques and scientifically proven products to restore and enhance facial balance. It is designed according to the patient’s unique wants and needs, as well as taking into account skin condition and facial features.