Booty Slide Creator Targets Childhood Obesity with The Launch Of Booty Slide Kids

Rebecca Kordecki, the creator of Booty Slide® the “as seen on TV” fitness program, will begin offering Booty Slide classes for kids, effectively called called Booty Slide Kidz. Kordecki, who currently offers Booty Slide® classes for adults, mainly women, in Manhattan, The Hamptons and Weston Florida, will begin offering them in the Los Angeles area starting February 18th, 2013. Kordecki’s workout is already available as a workout for moms, career women and others as a DVD set and is currently sold online or at select Wal-Mart and Kmart retailers. The launch of Booty Slide Kidz classes means moms and their kids can workout together or separately but can share the same fun, total body exercise. Booty Slide Kidz is a workout that targets the entire body while participants wear a pair of form fitting booties on their feet which allows them to slide across a wood or tile floor. There is no other equipment required, which makes it a very kid friendly workout. Classes will be offered both privately at clients’ homes various studio locations throughout Los Angeles’ Westside.