Rail Navigation: Untapped Area for GNSS Growth

LogoGNSS, which was initially born as a military initiative has now become a technology, used in a wider sector catering to various needs and requirements, such as in vehicle navigation, fleet management, asset tracking, surveying/mapping, public safety, aeronautical, aviation, marine, and consumer GNSS markets. Its market has witnessed colossal growth during the last decade backed by growing competition among countries for regional navigation systems.

Liberalized Investment Rules Boosting Saudi Arabian Healthcare Market

LogoSaudi Arabia has taken significant steps to improve the quality of healthcare over the past decades. But the system is still heavily reliant on acute hospital based care model. The government has recognized this situation, and has identified healthcare as one of the key sectors targeted in its wide-ranging privatization program. For widening the program Saudi Arabia has introduced new rules that aim to liberalise the country's healthcare sector and open it for increased investments. Driven by the above factor, Saudi Arabian healthcare industry is slated to grow at a CAGR of 9.2% during the forecast period of 2015-2020.

Inadequate Manufacturing Capabilities Posing Challenge to Biosimilars Market

LogoAs biosimilars are developed from living organisms, so they are more complex in nature. They require a manufacturing process that can help in the development of products which are comparable to reference products. Since the manufacturing processes are not revealed by the innovators publicly, biosimilar developers need to discover adequate process conditions that ensure comparability to the reference products.

Rise in Number of Gyms and Health Clubs Stimulates the US Sports and Fitness Nutrition Market

LogoAccording to a new research report by RNCOS entitled, "US Sports and Fitness Nutrition Market Outlook 2020", US dominates the sports and fitness nutrition market in the world, US sports and fitness nutrition accounted for 60% of the global sports and fitness nutrition market. The major factors that drive the industry are rise in youth population, rising number of gyms and health clubs, increasing healthcare expenditure, increasing health consciousness, introduction of innovative nutrition snacks such as protein popcorns, protein pancakes and protein bars for women.

Augmenting Mergers & Acquisitions Boosting the Market

LogoBusiness scenario of organizations is very dynamic in today's world. Due to increasing internet connectivity with consumers and growing competition in the market, organizations are continuously trying to develop software's that enables them to understand, analyze, optimize, and manage the business requirements. Digital Marketing plays a crucial role in contemporary business world by integrating platforms and customers' experience through electronic media such as personal computers, smart phones, cell phones, tablets etc.

Demand for Cosmetic Procedure Accelerating UAE Healthcare

LogoIn the United Arab Emirates plastic and cosmetic related surgery is gaining popularity being part of a highly profitable and still growing medical tourism industry. The region is becoming a hub for cosmetic surgery and growing at a rapid speed. Cosmetic surgery is no longer the choice of women and celebrities alone, there is growing trend of men in the UAE opting for procedure such as a breast reduction and hair transplants are the main reason for this growth. Further the Emirates attract large number of expatriates in the country, for which Dubai is becoming one of the most multicultural cities in the world along with a large number of plastic surgeons.

New Active Ingredients' Launches Will Boost the Market

LogoThe introduction of novel ingredients like extracts from plant stems and peptides for the manufacturing of new cosmetic products has created demand among consumers, thus boosting the Global Cosmeceutical Market. The demand for organic and natural ingredients is also catching up, as they are known for their therapeutic properties and are safe to use. Seeing the growing demand of the cosmeceutical segment has led vendors in this market to invest heavily in R&D to manufacture innovative products. This has also led to the introduction of technologically advanced formulations. This will not only help the market to boost but also provides the cosmetic companies to launch new variation of products with increasing benefits for their consumers.

Increasing Demand from Rural India Boosting the Paint Market

LogoThe rural market in India covers the maximum population and regions and thereby, the maximum number of consumers. With the rapid pace of technological improvement and increase in peoples buying capacity, now there is a continuous demand of housing and decorative paints even in the rural markets of India. One of the major boosts to the growth in the Indian paint market has been provided by the rural market in present days. Under the decorative segment, the emulsion paint market has witnessed a massive demand over the past few years and is expected to drive the market in the coming years too.

Cancer Vaccine in the US Is Booming

LogoA new research report entitled "US Cancer Vaccine Market Outlook 2020", by RNCOS reveals that 21 promising studies in phase-3 clinical trials are expected to yield possible therapeutic cancer vaccine products in the very near future. Currently, more than 20% of the therapeutic cancer vaccines in phase-3 clinical trials are for the treatment of lung cancer. This is reflective of the high demand that exists owing to the high incidence and prevalence of lung cancer in US. But for other leading cancer namely cancer of the prostate, breast, colon & rectum and corpus & uterus, NOS; there are few vaccine candidates in advanced phases of clinical trials. The most neglected segment is of the cancer of corpus & uterus, NOS (endometrial cancer) where no candidate exists in phase-3 clinical trial.

Approach Towards In-Store Promotion Propelling the Market

LogoThe rampant development across various Asian countries has brought a remarkable change in the retail formats and the buying patterns of the people. Modern retail formats are witnessing huge popularity among various Asian countries, posing a threat to the traditional retailing formats. According to a new report by RNCOS "Asian Convenience Store Market Outlook 2020", the expansion of modern retail formats in these countries have been fuelled by factors like higher per capita disposable incomes, rapid urbanization, increasing demand for packed & ready-to-eat meals and increasing demand for one-stop shopping.