Cloud Computing and Wireless Communication Transforming US Healthcare IT Industry

LogoWireless Communication has been an emerging trend in the healthcare IT industry as in the case of patient monitoring market. This growth in demand for wireless communication is to provide flexible levels of patient care throughout an entire facility. It would increase patients' mobility to have a positive impact on their care, at the same time it would provide significant cost savings over static and traditional care setups.

Changing Lifestyle Stimulates Global Medical Implants Market

LogoAccording to a new research report by RNCOS entitled, "Global Medical Implants Market Outlook 2020", US dominates the medical implants market, in the year 2014 and emerging countries of Asia Pacific region are expected to grow significantly. The major factors that drive the industry are rise in ageing population, increasing healthcare expenditure, increasing health consciousness, technology advancement and introduction of new techniques.

Smart Home Concept Is the New Focus for the Manufacturers

LogoGlobal consumer electronics industry has been witnessing rapid growth over the past few years. Digital revolution, higher per capita incomes, coupled with the thirst among people to remain tech savvy, has propelled new developments in the industry. Manufacturers are increasingly introducing innovative products in order to provoke impulsive buying among the consumers.

Increasing Budget Expenditure in Different Sector Boosting Saudi Arabia Steel Industry

LogoSaudi Arabia Government is taking ample initiatives for new projects to provide infrastructural support to different sectors. Government has increased the share of plan expenditure on economic and socio-economic expenditure. Sectors such as education, health, transportation, defense, water etc. are witnessing huge investment for development which is accelerating the demand of steel in these sectors.

US Diabetes Market to Grow Exponentially in Next Five Years

LogoThe new report by RNCOS by the name of "US Diabetes Market Outlook 2020", predicts that the diabetes market of US is estimated to reach an approximately value of US$ 29.32 Billion by 2020. The CAGR over the period of 2014-2020 will be around 8.3%. Currently, the diabetes market has been segmented into 3 segments, namely, anti-diabetic drugs, insulin delivery devices and glucose monitoring devices segment. There are a number of products from each of the above segments which are currently in the market and providing the maximum benefits to the patients suffering from diabetes or prediabetes.

Ccff DNA Enhancing the Growth of NIPT

LogoDNA isolated from the maternal serum called the circulation of cell free DNA is being studied in various labs around the world for the development of various non-invasive prenatal diagnostic tests. Pregnant women are known to have elevated levels of ccff DNA in their plasma. Various mechanisms have been proposed to explain this increased ccff DNA concentration and this has also been used to mitigate the risk of miscarriages. So this ccff DNA has contributed to the growth of NIPT market.

Live Cell Imaging Market to Become US$ 6.4 Billion by 2020

LogoAccording to a new research report by RNCOS entitled, "Global Live Cell Imaging Market Outlook 2020", The field of live cell imaging is certainly growing and there are increasing numbers of products available under the category such as Biostation IM and Biostation CT by Nikon Instruments, Essen Bioscience's IncuCyte, high resolution microscopes by Carl Zeiss and Perkin Elmer cell analyzers amongst others. The trend in the industry seems to be moving away from upright to inverted compound microscopes which are better designed for live cell imaging and all the major manufacturers are developing focus on technologies which are essential for long term live cell imaging.

Portable Ultrasound Made Possible by POCT

LogoIncorporation of POCT in ultrasound has improved the accuracy of needle placement procedures, and has replaced expensive radiation based imaging. POC ultrasound systems are significantly less expensive to purchase as compared to other modalities, including computed tomography or magnetic resonance. These systems cost well over US$ 1 Million to purchase, while the average selling prices of POC ultrasound systems are a fraction of that value. All these reasons have contributed to the increased popularity of POCT.

Boom in Digital Broadcasting Boosting the Global DRM Market

LogoDRM market is expected to show significant growth on the backdrop of booming digital broadcasting. Over the past two decades, digital media market has been witnessing significant boost with innovative ways of entertainment. Internet has become a powerful tool with lots of services available to make life easier and smoother. A number of the most popular online entertainment services include gambling, online dating, online video, gaming, online music, and social networks.

US Witnessing Strong Growth Potential for Nanotechnology Market

LogoNanotechnology is a growing interdisciplinary technology often seen as a new industrial revolution. Nanotechnology is increasingly attracting worldwide attention owing to its wide range of end-uses. As nanotechnology is evolving so is the scope for its commercial expansion. The wide range of potential products and applications gives nanotechnology its enormous growth prospects.