Ron Barak

Best-Selling Novelist, Ron Barak's Study Guide to the AMENDMENT KILLER, a Brooks/Lotello Thriller, Is Now Available for Free Download

Best-selling novelist Ron Barak announces the launch of his Study Guide. It's a 40-page sampler with questions and thoughts about THE AMENDMENT KILLER, free to download. The Study Guide is a great way to get a preview of the novel as well as to prompt discussions about the issues raised by it, whether for a book club or just within one's own family.

Best-Selling Novelist, Ron Barak's the Amendment Killer, a Brooks/Lotello Thriller, Is Now Available in Audio Format

Best-selling novelist, Ron Barak's hot new book, THE AMENDMENT KILLER, a Brooks/Lotello Thriller, is now out on audio. The exciting story is narrated by the distinguished Chris Andrew Ciulla, known for his work on The Equalizer, The Finest Hours, and The Magnificent Seven.

Best Thriller Magazine Says Novelist Ron Barak's "The Amendment Killer" Is Easily the Best Thriller of 2017

Best-selling novelist, Ron Barak's thriller "The Amendment Killer" has been pegged by Best Thriller Magazine as the best thriller of 2017. Representatives of the magazine recently stated, "Set among the hallowed chambers of the Supreme Court of the United States, Ron Barak's new thriller begins as Thomas T. Thomas III stalks Justice Arnold Hirschfeld's granddaughter. Kidnapping eleven-year-old diabetic Cassie Webber isn't going to be easy. There's no demand for money. Instead, Thomas wants to sway Hirschfeld's critical vote on the Supreme Court's determination of the validity of 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution – one that would criminalize abuse of political power. And if Justice Hirschfeld doesn't comply? Thomas won't kill the girl. He won't have to. He'll simply deny the diabetic youngster the insulin she needs to live.

Best-Selling Novelist, Ron Barak to Donate 50% of Proceeds for "The Amendment Killer" to Diabetes Research and Education

Best-selling novelist, Ron Barak will donate fifty-percent of the proceeds for his new novel to Diabetes research and education. Known for his suspenseful novels, "The Amendment Killer," from the Brooks/Lotello Series, will benefit prominent national diabetes organizations who are applauding Barak's generosity. Barbara Davis, the founder of the Children's Diabetes Foundation, said of his efforts, "The donations are so greatly appreciated, including Ron's wonderful portrayal of young Cassie Webber in his thriller 'The Amendment Killer.' What a great example Cassie offers to all of our children."