Ron Foster

Seeking a Book for the End of the World

With the fated date on the Mayan calendar quickly approaching, survivalism has become an important topic. What will people do if the ancient predictions come to pass? Having an example always makes learning easier. Recognizing this, author Ron Foster uses fiction to teach people survival techniques in his books.

Prepper and Survival Fiction Author Ron Foster Releases New Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Book "ARkStorm"

The prolific Prepper and survival fiction author Ron Foster has released a new post-apocalyptic thriller book for all his fans and readers entitled ARkStorm. The ARkStorm (for Atmospheric River 1000 Storm) has brought a devastating flood of biblical proportions to California forcing millions of people to evacuate. For the preppers attending PrepperStock this year the troubles brought about by the this disaster have just begun as the economy begins a slow collapse and acts of terrorism threaten America’s survival. Refugee camps are filling up with millions of evacuees who remained at shelters and were not lucky enough to bunk in with friends or relatives and try and start over again. The end of a functioning U.S. economy is compounded by mysterious grid failures nationwide.

Prepper Survival Fiction Author Ron Foster Has Released for Publication His 17th Book Entitled "The Solitary Man: Countdown to Prepperdom"

Best known for writing the “Prepper Trilogy”, Ron Foster releases yet another must read book for Preppers around the world.