Rubber Club

Rubber Club Advises Their Clientele to Practice Safe Sex This Winter

LogoRubber Club is an online organization that offers a subscription-based condom delivery service. This winter, Rubber Club would like to remind potential and new customers to practice safe sex this winter.

Rubber Club Featuring a New Informational Video to Accompany Their Discreet Condom Delivery Services

LogoRubber Club is an all-American organization offering a confidential method for clients to buy condoms online nation-wide. This holiday season, they are featuring a video to reach out to their clientele.

Rubber Club Lets Members Start Fresh Every Month with New Condom Packages

LogoTaking their customers’ needs and wants into consideration, Rubber Club is proud to offer their members an opportunity to start fresh every month with their condom packages. Serving as a discreet and reliable option for receiving a monthly supply of condoms without having to remember to purchase protection, users are in control of their sex life. Though sex can remain consistent on a monthly basis, often individuals will see the frequency increase or decrease, and Rubber Club allows users to fulfill all of their needs.

Rubber Club Now Offering Variety of Extra Benefits to Members

LogoTo avoid having to purchase condoms at the pharmacy or convenience store in the middle of the night, Rubber Club provides brand name condoms directly to their customer’s doorstep each month. Aside from just receiving the protection needed to maintain a healthy and sexually active lifestyle, Rubber Club is proud to announce their members will receive a variety of extra benefits and incentives on a monthly basis after signing up.

Rubber Club Allows Members to Upgrade or Downgrade Their Condom Packages Anytime

LogoEvery person’s sex life changes from year to year, even month to month. As a club that has opened its doors to make it easy to stock up on condoms each month, Rubber Club is pleased to announce they allow their members to change their package at any time, even on a monthly basis. With the easy to use platform, members simply sign into their account and request the change to their subscription.

Rubber Club Announces Variety of Monthly Condom Packages for Members

LogoWhen it comes to safe sex, condom use is a must. To avoid the embarrassment and uneasiness of bringing a pack of condoms to the checkout line at a local pharmacy, Rubber Club has incorporated a discreet and stress free way of purchasing the protection needed for those leading a sexually active lifestyle. For the convenience of their members, the company is proud to announce they are now offering a variety of monthly condom packages.