The Big Guy, Daniel Moses Now Known As, the OMNIPOTENT RULER of the UNIVERSE

The voting has just started for Daniel Moses also known as ‘The Big Guy’ for a request of ownership for the universe on The petition is already out that Daniel Moses is now and always remains known as "THE OMNIPOTENT RULER OF THE UNIVERSE’’. This is treated as a request for informing the sovereign planet of Earth for being known as stated above. The declaration also has given him the tag of ‘’THE BIG GUY. Henceforth he will be looking after all the further transactions which are in connection to the Real Estate planning, development as well as exploration of the entire Universe. He will be the authority to all these and his advice as well as consent would be required for all these decisions to be made. From the very moment after the declaration it is now requested that everything which includes water, oil, minerals and liquid rights would remain with the big guy. This would continue to happen until and unless the same is declared by the big guy himself. Further it also remains to be stated that he will also have total governmental say as to the tenants as well as the entities who wish to negotiate any involvement with the universe.