Sabrina Longega Wilson

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The business of event planning and management calls for extensive improvisation both in terms of business techniques and individual talent. Keeping in touch with the latest happenings in the market is therefore a prudent direction to follow. The information gained is the starting point for transformations that benefit individuals and businesses in the long run. The ‘Events Snapshot’ initiative by Longega Events is ready for a big launch owing to the growing demand for knowledge and information in the field.

Experienced Event Planners - Write a Guest Post and See New Opportunities Unfold

Longega Events is a name that is synonymous with leading event management business intelligence, and has helped launch brands, products and companies of today. The event management company has been an important part of many global events, international meetings and conferences, marketing expos, exhibitions and so on. Now, the brand is happy to invite new partners who are a part of the event management and planning community by opening up the stage for new opinions and suggestions to flow.

New Online Event Planning and Management Magazine to Become Every Planner's Best Friend

Event planners around the world are in for some very exciting news. Longega Events which is known to have a profound impact on the event management community is getting ready to launch an online event planning and management magazine. The magazine will help planners gather tips and learn new techniques on how to achieve fast track success.

Sabrina Longega Wilson Introduces Longega Events

Sabrina Longega Wilson, a highly sought after executive events director and event management guru, has unveiled her latest venture, Longega Events, which is soon to become a market leader in the event management market.