SafeHandles Launches Groundbreaking Self-Cleaning Pen

LogoSafeHandles™ has launched its groundbreaking, self-cleaning hand-writing tool with a safety sleeve, in the midst of this health crisis. Committed to offering antimicrobial self-cleaning handle covers to help maintain clean surfaces for over 8 years, SafeHandles has decided to craft an everyday tool that can keep itself clean. SafeHandles™ Self-Cleaning Pen is a unique pen that is covered with the SafeHandles™ Heat Shrink Sleeve. This special heat-shrink cover is embedded with slow-release silver that is registered and approved by the EPA to inhibit the growth of certain microbes that may come in contact with it.

SafeHandles Provides EPA Approved COVID-19 Sanitizing Agent PURE Cleaner

LogoSafeHandles, a leader in the market of antimicrobial and antifungal solutions for businesses since 2012, is now providing the hand sanitizing PURE Cleaner in their online store. The PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant has now been added to the EPA's list of COVID-19 disinfectants based on its tested efficiency against the novel Coronavirus. "PURE Hard Surface kills germs in as few as 30 seconds and does not require rinsing," as stated by PURE's Chairman and CEO Tom Lee. This hand sanitizer has been used and registered with the EPA since 2011.