Soaring in the Yonder Blues: The American Bald Eagles Need to Be Preserved

LogoThe majestic eagle species have proudly been the national symbol of the United States since 1782. Representing courage, fortitude, and pride, these amazing species were originally a native to North America abundantly found in Alaska and various states of Canada. Although one can easily spot these birds in every state across the United States. Bald eagles mostly eat fish and prolific hunters. Besides this, the birds are deft in building durable nests out of twigs and leaves. In general, they build up nests in higher grounds (mostly on tree-tops), situated near to the water bodies. These magnificent eagles use a single nest for a long period of time strengthening it every year by adding more twigs and branches to it.

Hold Head High of Americans and Save the Bald Eagles

LogoAre the People of America aware why Bald Eagle was chosen as National Bird? Let's keep the historical reasons aside and look at general reasons, it has many other reasons to state why only this made a national bird. Bald Eagles are different from other bird's just like the people of America, they are courageous, strong and independent. Unlike other birds, they fly very high, never take shelter during rains and it can fly at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour which makes them different from other birds. Though they are treated as a threat to other bird because of its huge size, but the positive side of this huge bird tells it is to protect the small one's which signifies the attitude of America's people.

Wings of Admiration: Save Bald Eagles to Support American Wildlife

LogoFor ages, the Bald Eagles of America have been considered as a symbol of hope, bravery, and freedom. Yet they have been hunted down for quite some time. During the 1900's several laws and legal amendments were formulated in order to save the natural breeding grounds of the bald eagles. This somehow paid off by increasing the actual population of the bald eagles. Previously the very existence of the bald eagles was threatened to a greater extent because of people killing them for sport or for saving their fisheries. Later a massive blow was struck to their livelihood with the over usage of DDT and a higher number of birds also lost lives due to lead poisoning. Even the wind turbines, which are constructed around the country to supply non-conventional energy also added to the dreadful massacre. Every year a few bald eagles lose their lives just because of these turbines. However, on conserving their settlements newborns can easily fulfill the gap.

Thrive or Survive: Bald Eagles Gone with the Wind

LogoThe founding fathers made a befitting choice when they selected the bald eagle as the national emblem. The vehement beauty was soon looked upon as the symbol of strength, freedom and a true spirit by the natives.

Save the Amorous Bald Eagles from Vanishing Away from the Face of America

LogoThe American Bald Eagle is carnivorous in nature, having an average lifespan of around 35-40 years, weighing almost 6.5- 14 lbs. The fundamental diet of these birds is fish and they can dive at a speed of 100 miles per hour in order to catch fishes.