Schoolies Unchained

Schoolies Unchained Announces Week 2014 Alternative - Beach Parties at a Schoolies Only Resort

LogoIntroducing Schoolies Unchained, a small dynamic small specialised company dedicated to providing Year 12 students the best eye opening fun trip of their life. Schoolies is the first real opportunity to explore your freedom. Why not celebrate it overseas at an unreal destination with your friends? THAT'S FUN! With 2 amazing party destinations and FIRST NIGHT FREE DRINKS! We try harder to make it the time of your life. Highly qualified staff because your safety and wellbeing are our first priority, our second is for you to have the best fun you've ever had. We specialise in providing schoolies with the ultimate cultural and party experience within South East Asia. We take a party island and turn it into a schoolies only paradise of epic proportions. Party with your closest friends the way Schoolies is meant to be. Forget everything and dance the night away, wake up the next morning still in paradise Come join us for the best time of your life. Everything is in place for you to have FUN, FUN, FUN in a secure environment with themed parties every night at a Schoolies ONLY resort.