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Motivational Maestro Shannon D. Hughes Launches New Manual for Excellence and Creates "The Movement"

LogoThe tycoon of transition, Shannon D. Hughes releases new motivational manual to help readers grasp what it means to go to a new level successfully.

Author, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach, Shannon D. Hughes Releases Book to Create a Run on Motivation

LogoGiving readers every good reason to up the ante on their own lives, entrepreneur and new author, Shannon D. Hughes has released a game changer. Known in the greater Chicago area for his no nonsense approach to life and business, Hughes has taken that same verve to the digital scene. On August 11th, with the release of his first book, "Your Motivational Manual Volume #1" he gives insight on everything from the L word to having passion, healing one's self, and no one owing anyone one a single thing. Running the gamut in real talk, the independent e-book is a wellspring of info timed just right.