Secret of Athleticism

The Missing Link to Athleticism Has Been Discovered

A groundbreaking sports science research discovery featured in an eBook called “Secret of Athleticism” has been released. The discovery of a new mechanism of the foot, not only it locks up the ankle naturally to prevent ankle sprains but at the same time activates the Tibial tendons which make it possible for the proper and comprehensive engagement of the Gluteus Maximus. The discovery is so revolutionary it would make Giordano Bruno proud. The newly discovered mechanism of the foot has been masked by the shroud of the shoe, hidden from sight. By comprehending how the mechanism of the foot works, it bestows the reader an unprecedented peek into the world of athletics in a new perspective. The unifying theory that would explain all sports phenomenon we see today. It sheds new light into many disciplines of science including anthropology, archaeology, genetics, physics, sports medicine, robotics, neurology and biomechanics.