SeedFinance Corporation

Micro No More Universe 3D Awards 2010 Still Accepting Nominations, SMART and PLDT Prizes for Business at Stake

LogoThe Micro No More Universe 3D Awards is a competition organized by SEEDFINANCE aimed at finding successful PFI-supported client-operated enterprises that productively adopted and utilized new business innovations particularly the use of Mobile and Electronic Technology, Nature-friendly Methods and the Maximization of local resources.

SMARTowns: Bringing MSME Finance to Islands, Uplands, Hinterlands

LogoSMARTowns or the Sustainably Mobile, Affordably Renewable Technology Project aims to expand the reach of banking services beyond the traditional range of brick-and-mortar branches. Where the client is, that is where the banking service is supposed to be done and realized, all within sound, prudent, and safe banking environments.

Finally, Money to Islands and Far-Flung Communities

LogoThe Islands Activation Program is initiated by SMART Communications, the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines, in partnership with SEEDFINANCE a microfinance-oriented financing company. The program expands the financial services of Field Partner Financial Institutions. IAP endeavors to allow sustainability pricing and incentives so that the service will grow beyond financial dependency and will continue to serve its goals.