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Selby Jennings Offers Specialised Recruitment Services for Risk Management Sector

LogoThe market has been quite volatile, especially since the 2008 financial crisis. Over the last decade, risk management has become increasingly important to help protect financial markets and prevent firms from experiencing further fines and sanctions. Significant trends suggest that risk management is set to experience even more sweeping change in the next decade. Therefore businesses must recruit great risk management candidates. Selby Jennings, a well-renowned recruitment agency, offers specialised recruitment services for the risk management sector.

Selby Jennings Offers Recruitment Services for Fintech Sector

LogoFintech is a growing sector that has risen in popularity in recent years. Fintech firms raised $12.4bn in funding in 2018, a 43% increase over the previous year. Traditional banks, insurers and other financial institutions are also increasing their investments in fintech, with a number integrating fintech into their existing product and service offerings. This has led to an increase in demand for qualified professionals in this sector. Selby Jennings, a leading name in talent acquisition, offers specialized recruitment services to fill roles in the fintech sector.

Selby Jennings Specialises in Placing Candidates in Commodity Trading Sector Across the World

LogoCommodities are a crucial part of everyday life in the US as it includes food, metals, energy and more. With the rise of ecommerce, there has been an increase in demand for experts in the commodity trading sectors. The employment for all commodities, securities, and financial services traders and sales agents expected to grow by ten percent between 2014 and 2024. Selby Jennings, a prominent global recruiter in the USA, offers specialised recruitment services for the commodity trading jobs. The company's services include executive search, contract staffing, and direct hire placement.

Selby Jennings Offers Recruitment Services for the Actuarial Sector

LogoActuarial personnel is critical for businesses as they utilise mathematics, statistics, and theories of finance and risk to calculate and model the probability of future events. They also develop solutions to reduce adverse outcomes and protect people and companies from potential harm. Actuarial professionals are in high demand these days as businesses look to avoid any financial harm, especially during the pandemic. Selby Jennings, a well-known financial recruitment agency, offers recruitment services to fill job opportunities in the actuarial sector.

Selby Jennings Offers Recruitment Services for Quantitative Research and Trading Jobs

LogoFinancial trading has become an important part of the everyday lives of individuals. People and businesses alike trade stocks each day to generate more revenue. Quantitative research has become an integral part of stock trading as more and more financial firms are recruiting individuals to find the perfect stocks for trading. Candidates in the research team use mathematical and statistical models to search for the perfect trading options. Selby Jennings, a well-renowned recruitment agency, offers recruitment services for quantitative research and trading jobs.

Selby Jennings Offers Recruitment Services to Fill Jobs in Private Wealth Management Sectors

LogoPrivate wealth management is a rapidly growing sector that is critical in helping individuals maintain their wealth. It is an important sector for banks as well who see it as the major source of revenue as private clients look for a wealth manager for their assets. Asset management consolidation continues to reshape the industry, which is resulting in more wealth management companies adding to their asset divisions, resulting in more vacancies.

Selby Jennings Offers Specialised Recruitment Services for Sales and Trading Sectors

LogoSales and trading are the backbones of investment securities firms. Be it a stock brokerage, investment bank, or a hedge fund. If a firm cannot sell its services, then it is unable to do business, and if it cannot trade well, then it becomes difficult to attract and retain clients. A career in sales and trading can be a rewarding and busy role that offers excellent compensation to those who have what it takes to work in a fast-paced and stressful environment.

Selby Jennings Offers Recruitment Services to Investment Management Companies Worldwide

LogoAsset and investment management sectors are growing exponentially in the world. As the investment management industry becomes increasingly digital, firms emphasize delivering great customer experience to clients, using technology to improve process efficiency and find the right talent to bring their firms forward. This has led to an increasing need for multi-disciplinary talent in the industry. The key to attracting talent is peer-to-peer interaction, low cost, transparency, and thematic investing, including social impact.

Jobless Claims on the Rise in the USA with the Spread of Omicron

LogoThere has been a continuous rise in the number of unemployed Americans amidst the return of a new Corona variant. Jobless claims totaled 207,000 by the 1st of Jan, higher than the 195,000 estimates and 7,000 more than the previous week. Although the number is not big, still the labor market has to go a long way before it reaches pre-Covid levels. As per the claims, there is no huge impact of Omicron on the rising unemployment level yet, however, the number is expected to rise with the spread of this new variant.

Selby Jennings Offers Talent Acquisition Solutions for Clients in the Risk Management Sector

LogoGlobal markets are susceptible to several economic, social, and political factors that make them quite volatile. Risk management is one of the most crucial sectors in the industry that helps companies identify, evaluate, and prioritize risks to reduce adverse outcomes and fully utilize the opportunities that arise with disruption. Selby Jennings is a leading talent acquisition agency that helps companies improve their in-house talent quality and hire best-fit professionals from the risk management sector.