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How Authors Can Boost Their Book Marketing Efforts with Pinterest

LogoPinterest might be great for finding that perfect pair of Manolo shoes or getting DIY kitchen ideas, but can it actually help authors with their book marketing?

The Art of Writing a Book: Keys to Writing a Book That's Successful

LogoAs the saying goes, "Everyone is either writing a book, or wishing they could write a book." But according to Michael Rogan, founder of Self Pub Nation magazine, finishing a book is just the first step in a new author's career - finding an audience for that book is what separates a part-time hobbyist from a full-time writer.

Top 7 Writing Tools : Best Writing Tools Every Author Should Have

LogoIt's official: writing tools have gone high-tech! From smartphone apps to tablet software - to cross-platform products - writers have never had such a large array of writing tools to choose from.

Writing a Novel 101 : Keys to Writing a Novel That Attracts Readers

LogoWriting a novel is the dream of every would-be creative writing scribbler. (And even the dream of almost anybody who's ever read a novel.) But going through the arduous task of writing a novel is daunting enough, let alone trying to figure out if that finished novel will actually attract an audience.

Amazon Self Publishing Made Easy : The Keys to Amazon Self Publishing Success

LogoAmazon self publishing, with its Kindle distribution platform, has drastically changed the digital media landscape. (Not to mention given independent authors around the world a chance at a full-time writing career.)

7 Creative Writing Blogs Every Writer Should Read: New Column Reveals Best Writing Blogs for Novelists

LogoCreative writing blogs are a fantastic resource for fiction writers. (And not just as a way to avoid doing some actual writing.) According to Michael Rogan, founder of Self Pub Nation, and author of more than 30 books, creative writing blogs can be a fantastic way for fiction writers to stay motivated - as well as learn writing techniques from professional scribes.

Book Marketing Made Easy: New Column Reveals Secrets to Book Promotion

LogoBook marketing isn't exactly the first thing most authors want to focus on. (That usually involves planning how they're going to spend their royalty checks.) But, according to author, Michael Rogan, the "literary life" isn't possible without a plan for consistent book promotion.

Getting Published 101: Writer's Guide to Getting Published (Without Losing Your Mind)

LogoGetting published is one of the first big goals most writers have. (Besides getting their 10th grade English teacher to give them an "A.") And in his new column, "The No B.S. Beginner's Guide to Getting Published," Michael Rogan, author of more than 30 books, offers a simple, no-nonsense guide to help authors navigate their way through the waters of self publishing.

How to Publish a Book That People Will Actually Read - New Book Reveals Self Publishing Secrets for Total Newbies

LogoSelf publishing expert shares insider strategies for how to publish a book that will find a rabid, and profit-generating, audience.

How to Write a Book That Will Actually Sell - Self Publishing Expert Reveals Strategies for Writing a Book

LogoAccording to self published author Michael Rogan, author of the tome "How to Write a Book That Doesn't Suck," learning how to write a book that makes money isn't some rarified skill learned in an M.F.A. writing program or a decades-long quest to find an audience.